First Impressions: Creating your Brand

Part of establishing an online presence when it comes to our businesses is having a distinguished brand. With a quality brand, customers should be able to quickly recognize our business no matter what platform we are using, as well as understand who we are. However, a company brand is more than just our logos and slogans. Brand bleeds into the words we use, the visuals we utilize, and the stories we share. In this article, I want to go over some key aspects to keep in mind when shaping our brands.

What makes a Good Brand?

Our brands are what many potential customers will notice first, as well as what they will remember when leave our sites. Having a good brand means that your business is recognizable both in its visuals and its story. Company purpose, values, and origins can be communicated through your brand, and a successful brand will be memorable and attractive to your target audience. Just like many other aspects of our sites, our brand is another part of our business that should speak to our users.  

How do I create my brand?

Know your Audience

The key to creating content that resonates with your users is to know your users well. When creating our brands, we need to understand what our customers are looking for. This includes researching their pain points, demographics, as well your competitors.  By understanding what is available to your target what they really want, you can design your brand around a gap in your industry. We can find this gap by identifying issues our ideal customer is having with other companies as well as potential audiences who seem absent from the market.

Share your Story

After we have a firm grasp on our audience, we should decide how we want to share our story. How did your company start? Why are you invested in it? What makes your company special? Sharing our story can help us illustrate values that our customers can connect with. In terms of our brand, this is important since the stories we tell create a persona around our company. Creating a persona that is comfortable, relatable, and reliable can establish trust between us and our customers.

Choose your Words

Since the stories we share shape the face of our company, the words we use also come into play in creating a trustworthy and memorable brand. In our blogs concerning SEO, we emphasize the importance of communicating with words that your users use and understand. Consider how your customers talk about their troubles and the solutions they are looking for. By speaking the language of our customers, our brand will better resonate with our target audience since we will be speaking directly to their concerns and needs.

Create your Visuals

With the “voice” of your brand established, the next big step is creating a visual representation for your company. This includes your logo, color choices, fonts, and commonly used images. Your logo and colors will depend on what is recognizable in your specific industry and to your target audience, as well as what your company’s story and goals are. Fonts should be readable and create the tone your company wants. Having of a collection of images to use on your site and promotional content can help add variety to your content. The key aspect to having successful visuals is consistency. Make sure to use the same fonts, logos, colors, and types of images throughout your content to create a sense of professionalism and make your company easily recognizable.

What’s the secret to a Memorable Brand?

When creating a quality brand, we need to make sure that we are consistent and that our brand is in everything we create. Whether it be on our site, on social media, or in marketing content, the voice and appearance of our business should be present and similar to the rest of our material.  We can do this by documenting our brand. Have your colors, fonts, keywords, and images saved and annotated in terms of when, where, and how to use them. Having a variety of sizes, file types, and styles for your brand material can also aid in maintaining consistency throughout your channels. Overall, creating essentially a kit for your company can aid in making sure your team is all on the same page when creating content.

Want to Learn More?

Our brand is just one part of our business identity that we need to consider when creating quality content and attracting more customers to our site. Explore our other blogs to learn more about what you can do to improve your site! If you are interested in a more hands-on course about how to optimize your website, join the waitlist for Carrie Saunders’ upcoming course, “The Converting Website.” In this course, she will dive into important factors that aim to increase the conversion rates of your site!