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Special Discount for OU Credit Union Family Pass Members

Special discount for OUCU members.Are you an Ohio University Credit Union Family Pass holder? Want to save on your hosting, ecommerce work & computer repair? As an OUCU Business Member, we’re partnering with OUCU to offer a special discount on our hourly rate for OUCU members who have a valid Family Pass.

This free pass opens up the door to savings for members of Ohio University Credit Union, with offers from dozens of local Southeast Ohio businesses, including Cardinal Computing Consultants and our parent company, BCS Engineering! Right now, take advantage of these great deals:

Our Current Discount Offers:

  • Take 10% off first three months of hosting and 10% off normal hourly rate for all other services. We are a comprehensive hosting and IT service provider including set-up, graphic design, website design and online shopping cart implementation.
  • Take $5.00 off of Cardinal’s normal hourly rate, with no minimum required. Cardinal Computing services include graphic design as well as computer, laptop, smart phone and mobile device repair. On-site and drop-off service options available.

Save today! You can see a list every discount available to Family Pass members here:

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for a special special coming this July!

Henry’s 10 Year Anniversary with BCS Engineering

Congratulations to Henry on his 10 year anniversary with BCS Engineering! Henry was our first employee hired and has been an integral part in making BCSE a global leader in our industry.

Thank you Henry for your commitment to excellence, leadership, and for being an all-around great guy. You make the office and our business a better place just by being you!

Henry 10th Anniversary

Future of X-Cart 4

We have some exciting news to pass on to customers using X-Cart 4 (a.k.a. X-Cart Classic) as their platform of choice. While Carrie was in attendance at the X-Cart Meetup in Orlando last week, the X-Cart team provided updates regarding the future status of X-Cart 4. It is our understanding that X-Cart will be continuing to support the X-Cart 4 branch for at least another 5 years.

Part of the reasoning for this appears to be that most of the current users of X-Cart are using the X-Cart 4 branch as opposed to X-Cart 5 – to the tune of approximately 75%. As such, customer demand seems to be the propelling factor behind the continued support. However, X-Cart 5 leads the way among users new to the X-Cart family.

BCS Engineering will continue to support the X-Cart 4 branch as long as we have customers requesting support. We are also in the process of ramping up our involvement with X-Cart 5 by porting some of our more heavily-requested mods to this branch. At the same time, we are increasing the number of X-Cart 5 related customer projects we are fielding. As always, if you are looking for support on an upcoming X-Cart project, feel free to contact us for a free quote!

30 Year Anniversary of .com

This past Sunday was the 30th anniversary of a momentous event in the history of the Internet – the registration of the first .com domain. It seems hard to imagine something as pervasive as the Internet has only been around for 30 years. While I am able to remember how things were before the World Wide Web became a constant part of my life, there are people younger than me who have lived their entire lives with it. As such, I am sure some people are unable to imagine life without the Internet.

This article from CBS News goes into a little more detail about the history of the dot com domain.

I also found the following timeline from Verisign (which is included in the CBS article) extremely interesting. For example, I didn’t know that Amazon has been around since 1994 – shortly after the advent of the World Wide Web. This timeline is full of similarly interesting facts.

New Year’s Sale!

Happy New Year from the staff at BCSE!

To help celebrate the New Year, BCS Engineering is having a sale! Any BCSE Mods will be 25% off starting at 12:01am EST on January 1st, 2015. This sale will last only until January 11th at 11:59pm EST, so take advantage of this offer while it is available!

IRCE 2014 Recap


BCSE Business Partners Carrie & Brandon are always looking for ways to keep us current with the trends of the industry.  This year is no different, as they recently traveled to IRCE where they were able to meet with some of our customers as well as X-Cart Staff.  It’s always exciting for us to be able to meet the people that have been a part of our business for years!  Not only was it a great time learning about some very interesting new technology, but socializing with those that are an important part of our company always makes the trip worthwhile.  Stay tuned for updates on what we learned at the conference and how it can help you grow your business!


Want to Meet BCSE?

Want to meet the Owners of BCSE?

Come Join us at IRCE 2014!

We will be attending IRCE again this year! It’s the world’s largest eCommerce event! You can get great tips and tricks to moving your eCommerce site to the next level!

We will be also hanging out with the X-cart gang and other 3rd Party Developers at their Annual X-cart Beer meeting. There are only a few tickets left! Join us June 12, 2014 as we socialize, answer questions about eCommerce and our business.

Register Here!

We hope to see you there!

Here we are in April 2014 right after I completed the Triathlon and after Brandon completed a Mudrun at the OU Race for a Reason charity event.

Left to Right: Jeremy (, Alex (, Carrie & Brandon ( at IRCE 2013

Holy Cow we had an Earthquake

Wow. Just before we were getting up to have our monthly staff meeting (3 weeks late! you guys have been keeping us busy!), several of us felt our desks shake and heard the ceiling tiles shift! Apparently a small town just 9 miles away from us had a 3.5 earth quake! We don’t know yet if there’s been any damage but that was really bizarre for us since they aren’t frequent in Ohio!

Check out the earthquake info.

BCSE Turns 11 Today!

Today BCSE turns 11! We wouldn’t be here with out you!

To celebrate we’re offering 15% off to everyone for any BCSE module in the store! Simply use coupon 11Anniversary15 to get your discount! Good for 11 days! (until November 24th)

Newsletter subscriber? If you’re a newsletter subscriber, check your email later today for an even BIGGER coupon off!

In our we Turned 9 entry, I describe a bit about our history. Did you know that we thought of BCS Engineering while driving our then 10 month old child to his grandparents? I can still remember where we were on the road that day when we came up with our idea and name. It’s like a photo snapshot in my head of me looking at us in the car at that moment. Since that day our lives have greatly changed. We are so thankful to have you, our customers and our friends, as part of our lives!