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Hyatt Gun Stores X-Cart Upgrade and Mobility Improvements

A new look and a mobile friendly site were high on the list of improvements that Hyatt Gun Store wanted for their existing site. We’re pretty proud of the work that Henry completed on this site and thought it was just too good not to share!

Site Improvements
• Upgrade to X-Cart 4.7
• Customized Mobility Template
• Wordpress Integration
• Custom Layaway Feature
• Customized Search feature
• Responsive Skin With Customizations

Justin, of Hyatt Guns, has noticed a significant increase in the page views on the site and a large decrease in the bounce rate as well. This is all great news for our long-time customer! More views with less bounce rate=increased sales and that’s always a great thing!

Homepage Old vs.New

New Site Home Page
Cleaner look & feel, much easier site navigation and showcasing products and services in a more visible manner.

hyatt guns homepage
hyatt guns homepage2

Old Site Home Page
Note the side columns have been replaced by drop down menus on the new site. This site was pretty busy with many areas competing for attention.

hyatt guns homepage old
hyatt guns homepage old2

New Product Pages
All product info is on one page, not hidden in tabs and requires minimal clicks to get to the information.

hyatt guns product page
hyatt guns product page2

New Check Out
Features our Smooth One Page Checkout that guides the customer through the required information and also requires minimal clicking & page reloads! As the customer scrolls, the cart is always visible on the left hand side of the screen.

hyatt guns checkout
hyatt guns checkout2
hyatt guns checkout3
hyatt guns checkout4

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X-cart Recurring Orders

We’re pretty proud of the x-cart recurring order feature that we added for our good customer Rogers Family Coffee & Tea Market. Allowing customers to set up a recurring order at a discounted price is the perfect solution for coffee and tea lovers that know they will need a fresh supply on a frequent basis. It’s a quick and easy service that benefits the customer and increases sales. This screenshot shows the placement of the recurring order feature in the shopping cart:


This solution can be implemented for a wide variety of businesses and products! Amazon offers this service, why don’t you? Contact us today and let us help you implement this terrific service for your customers!

Nominate A Soldier for Free Coffee

There are times when we are working on a customer’s site and come across something pretty cool that we want to share. Our friends at Roger’s Coffee & Tea Market offer Free Coffee for Soldiers serving overseas in a war zone. Pretty awesome in our book!

If you know of a soldier that qualifies, please thank them for their service and fill out the form for a free care package! Giving back and supporting others is very important to us at BCSE and we love when our customers feel the same way. Check out the Roger’s Coffee & Tea Market site and order some terrific coffee or tea for yourself while you are at it!

Check out our most recent X-Cart website & shopping cart overhaul for our client John Huffman at We were contacted to upgrade the site and implement a more responsive skin. The finished product is super and provides more functionality and responsiveness. We also made this site mobile while keeping the key features, as well as the look and feel, consistent with the new site. We’ve already had some customer interest in this skin and functionality in the form of requests to replicate this skin for other sites. We believe that imitation is the best form of flattery, so we take this as another testimony to the work completed on the site!

“I found the team @ BCS Engineering to be the best possible fit when transitioning to or

within the X-Cart platform. With more than 10 years of experience, they work

well together in helping their clients achieve their often changing goals

and little details. As a satisfied client, I can highly recommend BCS

Engineering.” – John Huffman,

Contact us for help with your site. Whether it’s an upgrade, a change to the look and feel, or getting your site mobile for easier searching, we’ve got you covered!

This screenshot of the new site homepage includes scrolling images and more robust drop-down menus for easier site navigation:


Compared to this screenshot of the homepage of the old site, which lacked the dynamic feel that the new site provides:

Contact BCS Engineering for a free quote to help you get the site that you’ve been wanting!

Customer Innovation Continues to Impress


A cool thing about working on websites for a living is that you get to see so many great concepts and innovations that are available on many different ecommerce sites. Our clients are awesome and their products are really amazing. A great example of this is the Rogers Family Company. They have been a long time customer of ours and our internal joke is that before working on their site, barely anyone in the office drank coffee. Now at least half of the office can barely get going without our morning cup (or cups) of coffee or tea! Recently, they released a new product that we thought you’d enjoy hearing about as well.

We love coffee and we love going green and when we discovered that Rogers has developed a 97% biodegradable Single Serve Coffee we were pretty excited. Many of us use the single serve coffees at home and were always bothered by the waste associated with this convenience. Check out the article below to learn more about this product. This is just one example of the many ways our customers are providing people with the things that they desire. We’re glad we can help them make those products available for you on their websites!

Keep up the great work! This is the first, of what we hope to be regular installments, of innovations that hit home with us. If you are one of our clients and have something new and exciting that you’d like to share with us, please let us know. If you aren’t a client and would like some help getting your great ideas out there, don’t hesitate to contact us! Thanks again to the Rogers Family for your continued support over the years.