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X-cart 4.7.10 Released

X-cart 4.7.10 has been released! Contact BCSE today for help with your upgrade!

X-cart 4.7.10, the latest update to the “Classic” branch, just announced . This version brings several improvements for site speed and reliability, as well as enhancements for SEO, GDPR, and third-party integrations.

Major Changes

  • Improvements for Site Speed and Optimization (native CSS and JS minification, widget improvements).
  • Security Improvements (including changes to cookies to ensure PCI compliance).
  • X-cart now supports Guest Checkout for the Paypal Module.
  • X-cart 4.7.10 now fully supports PHP 7.

Ready to Update?

How to go about updating your store to X-cart 4.7.10 highly depends upon your current environment. If you are using a version prior to 4.7.0, you will need to consider reaching out to a professional for help with your upgrade.

If your store is currently running one of the previous 4.7.x releases, upgrading should go relatively smoothly, however we still recommend that you take some precautions:

  • Never upgrade a live store. You should maintain a development environment for your store, so that you can try out upgrades in a test mode, and ensure that nothing breaks.
  • Always have a backup. Both your site’s file and database should be copied before you apply the patch.

You can obtain the upgrade packs from your customer area. Make sure you following the instructions for applying the file and database patches precisely. More information on upgrading is available on the Wiki.

We strongly encourage you to seek assistance from an experienced X-cart developer when upgrading. This is especially true if your store is currently running version 4.7.0 or earlier.

Need Help?

Our team has been developing custom modules, hosting and maintaining X-cart sites, and helping stores grow since 2002! We’re ready to help you upgrade today. Contact us now to discuss how we can bring your store up to the latest X-cart 4.7.10.

GDPR Support for X-cart

GDPR X-Cart Support

BCS Engineering is fully capable of helping you with your X-Cart GDPR Compliance. We can implement and analyze your X-Cart applications to help you achieve compliance & assist you with any other issues that you might have regarding GDPR. We are offering a 4 Hour X-Cart Support Consultation which includes a phone discussion to understand your business processes.  We will then use that information to look into your site and propose changes that we recognize & provide a time estimate to achieve those changes.  If there is time remaining in the 4 hour consult after completing the above tasks, we will use that remaining time to start implementing the changes that we identify for your X-Cart site.

We will base our work off of current best practices regarding GDPR & do our best at that point in time to help you achieve compliance.  However, we do want our clients to understand that these regulations are a moving target & constantly changing.  We encourage you to review all services and contracts connected to third-party companies with your legal counsel, in order to confirm GDPR compliance.

GDPR changes go into effect on 5/25/2018. Contact us for a quote to help you with your specific needs! Eliminates $49 Setup Fee!



Say Goodbye to the $49 Setup Fee

Effective April 19, 2018 will be removing the $49 fee for all newly created Payment Gateway Accounts!  If you’re thinking of switching or need a payment processor, just made their deal a whole lot sweeter.  You can obtain this special pricing by using this link

We can help you with your set up or answer any questions that you might have.  Contact us today for any assistance that you might need!

We also offer modules to assist you in implementing this payment processor for your shopping cart:

Magento CIM Module

X-Cart DPM Module

We cannot stress the importance of PCI Compliance & your shopping cart enough and this is a wonderful opportunity for you to take the steps to make sure your site is as secure as possible. We’ve been helping clients secure their sites and maintain PCI compliance since 2002 and can make this transition smooth for you.  Contact us today!

BCS Engineering Tips for Success in 2016

BCSE_globe 300x300

BCSE’s own Carrie Saunders has  been featured in a blog for X-Cart offering her Tips for Success in 2016!  It’s great read with some really valuable suggestions.  Follow the links below to check it out:

Is Your Checkout Harming Your Business Worse Than Poor SEO??

Mobility & Responsiveness Fallout

Read the entire blog here and feel free to Contact Us with any questions that you may have!

X-cart Responsive Template – Mobility!

X-cart Responsive Template – Mobility

Fully Responsive Template, Foundation based, SEO Skin!

Clean, Fast, with modern features!

X-cart Responsive Template - Mobility

X-cart Responsive Template, Mobility, is available for 4.6.x AND 4.7.x.  Contact us if you’d like us to create it for your version of X-cart!

Tired of the boring old built in templates?  Want something modern, fresh and easy to customize?  Then the Mobility X-cart Responsive template is for you!

Main Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Fully Responsive
  • Drag and Drop Store Logo, Invoice Logo and Email Logo
  • Optimized One Page Checkout for conversions
  • Configurable layouts in the admin
    • Options for the home page
    • Options for the product pages
    • Options for the category pages
    • Options for the static pages
  • Search Engine Optimized HTML
  • Seamless wordpress integration
  • Vacation/Announcement Message option that appears on every page
  • SEO rich snippets
  • Sticky Header option
  • Easy to modify themes!  – Pick your colors in the admin!
  • Low cost for an easy customized skin!
  • Unlimited Colors and customizations!

Layout Options

  • Individually Select Layout options for Home Page, Product Page, Category page and Static pages
    • 1 Column
    • 2 Column – Sidebar Right
    • 2 Column – Sidebar Left
    • 3 Column
  • Upto 4 footer column options, including options for:
    • Twitter Feed
    • Pinterest Feed
    • Instagram Feed
    • Facebook Feed
    • Static Pages Menu
    • Newsletter
    • Speed Bar
    • Hard Coded links
  • Browsing Transition Options Include
    • Fade
    • Slide Right
    • Slide Left
    • None
    • Transition Speed
  • Page Width Options
    • Wide
    • Narrow
    • Full
  • Center Content Style Options
    • Contained (Shows center content in a framed area)
    • Open (Shows center content unframed)
  • Category Location choice of Top Bar or Side Bar
  • Manufacturers Location choice of Top Bar or Side Bar
  • Home page Content -Choose from default home page of banner and featured products or Static page of your choice!
  • 404 Page Content – Choose from default home page of banner and featured products or Static page of your choice!

Responsive Admin Layout Options


Theme Options

  • Unlimited Color options!
  • Pick a Reference Color and 8 more theme colors will be automatically generated!
  • Optionally adjust each of the 8 theme colors to your liking!
  • Background color options of Solid or Repeating Pattern
  • Unlimited Repeating pattern options!
  • Fully Customize Button Colors!
    • Main Buttons
    • Success Buttons
    • Secondary Buttons
    • Alert Buttons
    • Info Buttons
    • Disabled Buttons



Social Options

  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Twitter Username (for feeds)
  • Google Plus URL
  • YouTube URL
  • Pinterest URL
  • Tumbler URL
  • Instagram Name

Social Options

Home Page Options

  • Banner Position Options
    • Within Page Content
    • Full Page Width
    • None (no banner)
  • 4 Banners with links to help promote products or sales!
  • Drag and Drop images to update banners!

Homepage Banner Options

Checkout Options

  • Cart on Left with Checkout process on right
  • Cart on Right with Checkout Process on left
  • Cart Narrower than checkout process
  • Cart wider than checkout process
  • Cart same size as Checkout Process
  • Special optional checkout message to customers

Checkout Options

Search Options

  • Enable/Disable Auto-completion for products in the search header
  • Minimum number of characters before auto-completion suggests
  • Maximum number of suggestions to display

WordPress Options

  • Enable WordPress Integration
  • Directory for wordpress
  • WordPress Layout options
    • 1 Column
    • 2 Column – Sidebar Right
    • 2 Column – Sidebar Left
    • 3 Column
  • WordPress Link Title

Wordpress Options

Page Speed Options

  • Enable/Disable Lazy Load Images
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify Javascript
  • Minify HTML

Page Speed Options
Purchase Mobility Template for your site today!

Future of X-Cart 4

We have some exciting news to pass on to customers using X-Cart 4 (a.k.a. X-Cart Classic) as their platform of choice. While Carrie was in attendance at the X-Cart Meetup in Orlando last week, the X-Cart team provided updates regarding the future status of X-Cart 4. It is our understanding that X-Cart will be continuing to support the X-Cart 4 branch for at least another 5 years.

Part of the reasoning for this appears to be that most of the current users of X-Cart are using the X-Cart 4 branch as opposed to X-Cart 5 – to the tune of approximately 75%. As such, customer demand seems to be the propelling factor behind the continued support. However, X-Cart 5 leads the way among users new to the X-Cart family.

BCS Engineering will continue to support the X-Cart 4 branch as long as we have customers requesting support. We are also in the process of ramping up our involvement with X-Cart 5 by porting some of our more heavily-requested mods to this branch. At the same time, we are increasing the number of X-Cart 5 related customer projects we are fielding. As always, if you are looking for support on an upcoming X-Cart project, feel free to contact us for a free quote!

Authorize.Net Waived Set-up Fee Promotion

Looking to sign-up with a payment processor? Authorize.Net is currently offering a free sign-up fee through September 30th. If you are interested in signing up, please visit this page. For more information on the payment processing services offered by Authorize.Net, please visit their site at (This link will not generate the waived set-up fee promotion, but will provide you will more information.)

Payflow Integration Change Notification

We have had some customers contact us regarding the email notifications they have received from PayPal. These notifications discuss the deprecation of certain Payflow URLs. As this pertains to our X-Cart customers, if you have a store utilizing X-Cart version 4.3.x or older AND use Payflow Pro as a payment processor, you will need to have a patch performed to continue processing payments with your current set-up.

If you have specific questions related to this change, PayPal suggests to contact your Technical Account Manager or Partner Technical Support for assistance at Of course, if you are looking for assistance in having this patch performed before the August 3rd deadline, please reach out to us at

Security Patches for X-Cart versions 4.0.x-4.7.x

In case you missed the official X-Cart blog post, there have been a series of security patches released for X-Cart versions 4.0.x-4.7.1. If you have an active support subscription with Qualiteam, you can contact them to apply the patches. If you do not have an active support subscription, the patches can be obtained via the File Area of the X-Cart HelpDesk accounts.

As always, if you need any assistance in applying these patches, please contact us.

Sage Pay Update – Important for X-Cart Stores 4.6.5 or Older

Due to Sage Pay releasing version 3 of their payment gateway protocol, they will be discontinuing support for earlier versions beginning July 31st, 2015. If you are using Sage Pay, this means your store will be unable to process payments without this upgrade. Read the full release from Sage Pay here.

Qualiteam has released a fix that “will likely work for 4.6.x, 4.5.2, 4.5.3, 4.5.4, and 4.5.5. It may work for earlier versions, but we didn’t test it.”

We wanted to notify our customers as to the change, so it does not catch anyone using Sage Pay off guard. As always, if you have any questions or support needs based around this change, please contact us.