Email Info

In addition to serving your X-cart and Magento websites on our enterprise-grade platform, BCS Engineering offers secure, fast email services to all of our hosting customers. Your email is hosted on our ultra-reliable servers, so there’s never a need to worry again whether your important email was received or sent as intended. And, most importantly, we make it easy to access your email from any of your devices:

Access via Webmail

We provide all of our hosted customers access to Kolab Groupware, a full-featured webmail client which includes features such as calendaring and tasks. Access your webmail here.

Access via Email Client

Do you prefer to use an application to access your email? Great! We provide direct IMAP and SMTP access to our servers via SSL secured connections. See below for guides on how to set up your client.

 Outlook 2016/2013 ·  Outlook 2010 ·  Outlook 2007

   Thunderbird ·  iOS ·  Android

Server Information

For clients not listed above, please use the following server information when configuring your app:

Incoming Server (IMAP):
Incoming SSL Req’d: Yes, Port 993
Incoming User Name <username>@<domain> e.g.
Incoming Password <your password>
Outgoing Server (SMTP):
Outgoing SSL Req’d: Yes, StartTLS on Port 587
Outgoing User Name <username>@<domain> e.g.
Outgoing Password <your password>
Outgoing Authentication Req’d? Yes, password

Forwarding Your Mail

Some customers prefer to have all emails forwarded to one account. For example: if you have the email address that you would like your customers to contact you with, but you would rather manage those emails from Below is a quick guide to set that up:

  • 1. Log into our Webmail Client
  • 2. In the menu on the left click on “Filters”.
  • 3. On that page, within the table click on the “Forward” link.
  • 4. Enter the email address(s) to which you would like your mail forwarded.
  • Optional: You may choose to also keep copies of the emails in your domain email account.