Holistic / Natural SEO

Our modules and the way we structure websites lend towards natural SEO and helps your site rank better.

At BCSE, we have always had the philosophy that natural, or holistic, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way to go. Our modules and the way we structure websites lend towards natural SEO and helps your site rank better.

What is holistic / natural SEO?

Holistic / Natural SEO is simply improving all aspects of your website with the end user in mind. When you provide a great user experience, you will naturally check quite a few SEO boxes. Some of the areas to focus on are:

  • Clean, easy to read website
  • Proper use of headings
  • Quality writing content
  • Having a secure site and using https always
  • Fast website

How does a clean website help SEO?

A clean website not only makes it easy for your readers to focus and stay engaged, but it also boosts search engine rankings when the search engines see readers lingering, or staying longer on your website. When you have clean and focused content readers won’t bounce out of your site so fast. A confusing and hard to read website will lose a potential customer very quickly, and search engines recognize this.

How does proper use of headings help SEO?

Search engines need to know what is important. Using headings not only helps search engines see what you are emphasizing on the website, but also helps your potential customers skim the page to see if the content is relevant to them. Search engines recognize that headings make it easier for the consumer to read as well. So it will be looking for properly placed headings.

How does quality of writing help SEO?

Very similar to the above points, if your text is hard to read and follow, users will leave quickly. The goal is to not confuse or frustrate readers. When you write well, and have your writing flow, it builds trust and confidence. When you build trust, confidence and have well thought-out content, your readers will stay engaged and stay on your website longer. Again search engines look at how long customers say on pages and the longer they stay, the higher that page will rank.

Why is having a secure website important to SEO?

In the past several years, search engines have recognized that websites secured with an SSL certificate, provide higher quality content. By having an SSL certificate, search engines know that you as a business owner care more about your customers than those who do not secure the customer’s data.

Search engines also keep track of what websites have been reported to have spyware or other malicious content. When you keep your site secure with any security updates your software needs, then you are further protecting your SEO rankings. Search engines are all about customer experience and security.

How does having a fast website help with SEO?

For several years, Google and other search engines have recognized that a quality website also means a fast website. Consumers get frustrated if a website takes too long to load and leave pretty quickly. Search engines punish websites that are too slow or not consistently fast. We recommend using several tools to test your site to get different perspectives:

I think I need help with SEO, now what?

At BCSE, we have always taken a natural and holistic approach to SEO. We work with you to help enable you to learn how to write and populate your content in a way that is SEO friendly. We also will help from a structure standpoint, make sure your site is constructed in the back-end to be naturally SEO friendly. Contact Us today to see if we are good fit for your project!