Bundling for Success: Creating High-Value Packages That Drive Sales

One way you can stand out amongst the competition is through offering bundles. Bundles are collections of products and services that are grouped together into a single product. These bundles provide added value to customers, simplify their purchasing decisions, or offer cost savings for both you and your customers! However, how do you create an effective bundle?

Bundling for Success: Creating High-Value Packages That Drive Sales

Bundles can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be a collection of products, of services, or a bit of both! They can also be sold as one-off purchases or turned into a subscription service. Overall, bundles are flexible, but have a few base requirements to work effectively:

Your bundle needs to fulfill a customer need

As with any product, your bundle needs to be something your customers want or need. The products and/or services you decide to bundle together should work together to solve a pain point for your customers. For example, if you are creating a bundle of products that is related to hair care, you may create bundles that target specific issues people have with their hair. A variety of bundles can be created depending on the type of hair problems your customers are facing: a bundle for dry, frizzy hair, a bundle for oily hair, a bundle curly or straight hair; the list could go on and on. By creating a bundle that aims to solve a customer pain point, your bundle can become more enticing and attractive.

Your bundled items should be complementary

The key to creating a successful bundle is bundling products and/or services that work well together. Much like with the example of hair product bundles, your bundled items should be related to each other. This could be like having a hair care bundle that includes shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and serum. All of those hair products are related to each other and work together to improve your hair health. Bundles with complementary products and/or services are an excellent way to offer a complete solution to your customers.

Your bundle should be simple

Ideally, your bundle should aim to simplify your customer’s shopping decisions. Instead of having your customer sort through products, determine what products they may need, and add those products slowly to their cart, a bundle should offer them a complete solution to make the shopping process easier. However, a bundle is only as simple as you make it. It is possible to make a bundle that is over-complicated. This could be due to having too many products that do different things, or even just describing the bundle in a complex manner. Keep your bundles focused and easy to understand in terms of what’s included and what the bundle aims to do.  

Your bundle should be valuable

Your bundle should offer value that can’t be achieved when buying the included products separately. Making your bundle valuable can be done in a few ways. When customers buy your bundle, they could get a discounted price compared to buying the items or services individually. You could also offer exclusive services, products, or features in your bundle that customers can’t buy outside of the bundle.  It could be as simple as including a hair care planner as a bundle exclusive or could be a small discount. Your bundle should already have a lot of its value through its focused items and convenience, so your last bit of value ensures that your bundle is an easy choice to make.

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