Website Credibility: Where to Share Customer Testimonials Online

Sharing testimonials for an online business is a great way to build trust and credibility with potential customers! However, where are the best places to share our customer testimonials?

Website Credibility: Where to Share Customer Testimonials Online

When it comes to building trust, customer testimonials re-assure potential customers that they are making a good choice by doing business with you. Testimonials are valuable assets to your online business! Once you acquire testimonials, there are multiple effective places to share them with potential customers.

Home & Landing page

Your home and landing pages are often the first point of contact for new customers. Placing customer testimonials on your home and landing pages allows you to establish trust and credibility with new users right away! Afterall, by showing positive customer experiences to newcomers, you can easily demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your offerings.

Product pages

By the time a customer arrives at a product page, they may start having doubts. Sharing customer testimonials on your product pages is a great way to address common concerns or hesitations. Rather than relying on the potential customer to trust your words personally, letting customer testimonials validate your products and services offers real-life examples of how your offerings deliver on their promises.

Social Media

Social media is a place for old and new customers alike to interact with your business. By sharing customer testimonials on social media, success stories about your products can both bring in new customers and reinforce your products to existing customers. Through social engagement as well, such as likes, comments, and shares, your testimonials can reach even wider audiences, increasing your visibility!


Customer testimonials in emails can help make your emails both engaging and credible! Customer testimonials can often resonate with existing customers, as well as attract potential customers that are on the fence about your products. Higher open rates can lead to more successful conversions from your email campaigns!


When engaging with advertisements, users often carry a level of skepticism since they are created and paid for by the company itself. Sharing customer testimonials in your advertisements provides a separate source validation and credibility. Instead of relying solely on your own words concerning your offerings, sharing the words of satisfied customers is much more effective and overcomes the skepticism surrounding company ads.

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