X-cart Responsive Template – Mobility!

X-cart Responsive Template – Mobility

Fully Responsive Template, Foundation based, SEO Skin!

Clean, Fast, with modern features!

X-cart Responsive Template - Mobility

X-cart Responsive Template, Mobility, is available for 4.6.x AND 4.7.x.  Contact us if you’d like us to create it for your version of X-cart!

Tired of the boring old built in templates?  Want something modern, fresh and easy to customize?  Then the Mobility X-cart Responsive template is for you!

Main Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Fully Responsive
  • Drag and Drop Store Logo, Invoice Logo and Email Logo
  • Optimized One Page Checkout for conversions
  • Configurable layouts in the admin
    • Options for the home page
    • Options for the product pages
    • Options for the category pages
    • Options for the static pages
  • Search Engine Optimized HTML
  • Seamless wordpress integration
  • Vacation/Announcement Message option that appears on every page
  • SEO rich snippets
  • Sticky Header option
  • Easy to modify themes!  – Pick your colors in the admin!
  • Low cost for an easy customized skin!
  • Unlimited Colors and customizations!

Layout Options

  • Individually Select Layout options for Home Page, Product Page, Category page and Static pages
    • 1 Column
    • 2 Column – Sidebar Right
    • 2 Column – Sidebar Left
    • 3 Column
  • Upto 4 footer column options, including options for:
    • Twitter Feed
    • Pinterest Feed
    • Instagram Feed
    • Facebook Feed
    • Static Pages Menu
    • Newsletter
    • Speed Bar
    • Hard Coded links
  • Browsing Transition Options Include
    • Fade
    • Slide Right
    • Slide Left
    • None
    • Transition Speed
  • Page Width Options
    • Wide
    • Narrow
    • Full
  • Center Content Style Options
    • Contained (Shows center content in a framed area)
    • Open (Shows center content unframed)
  • Category Location choice of Top Bar or Side Bar
  • Manufacturers Location choice of Top Bar or Side Bar
  • Home page Content -Choose from default home page of banner and featured products or Static page of your choice!
  • 404 Page Content – Choose from default home page of banner and featured products or Static page of your choice!

Responsive Admin Layout Options


Theme Options

  • Unlimited Color options!
  • Pick a Reference Color and 8 more theme colors will be automatically generated!
  • Optionally adjust each of the 8 theme colors to your liking!
  • Background color options of Solid or Repeating Pattern
  • Unlimited Repeating pattern options!
  • Fully Customize Button Colors!
    • Main Buttons
    • Success Buttons
    • Secondary Buttons
    • Alert Buttons
    • Info Buttons
    • Disabled Buttons



Social Options

  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Twitter Username (for feeds)
  • Google Plus URL
  • YouTube URL
  • Pinterest URL
  • Tumbler URL
  • Instagram Name

Social Options

Home Page Options

  • Banner Position Options
    • Within Page Content
    • Full Page Width
    • None (no banner)
  • 4 Banners with links to help promote products or sales!
  • Drag and Drop images to update banners!

Homepage Banner Options

Checkout Options

  • Cart on Left with Checkout process on right
  • Cart on Right with Checkout Process on left
  • Cart Narrower than checkout process
  • Cart wider than checkout process
  • Cart same size as Checkout Process
  • Special optional checkout message to customers

Checkout Options

Search Options

  • Enable/Disable Auto-completion for products in the search header
  • Minimum number of characters before auto-completion suggests
  • Maximum number of suggestions to display

WordPress Options

  • Enable WordPress Integration
  • Directory for wordpress
  • WordPress Layout options
    • 1 Column
    • 2 Column – Sidebar Right
    • 2 Column – Sidebar Left
    • 3 Column
  • WordPress Link Title

Wordpress Options

Page Speed Options

  • Enable/Disable Lazy Load Images
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify Javascript
  • Minify HTML

Page Speed Options
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