SimpleSAMLphp 1.16 Released


On September 7th, the SimpleSAMLphp (SSP) team announced the general availability of SimpleSAMLphp 1.16.1. This is a major new release of SSP which includes over 10 months of cumulative work to improve the package. With this update IDM Integration is recommending that all SSP deployers update immediately.

If you’re unfamiliar with SSP it’s a robust package for adding SAML support to PHP applications. It also includes a PHP-based Identity Provider package that allows for a rapid IDP deployment.

The 1.16.x branch of SSP includes several major changes, include the following most noteworthy items:

  • Setting the default signature algorithm is now RSA-SHA256,
  • PHP 7.2 compatibility,
  • Updated translation, and
  • Further improvements to documentation, tests suite, and code quality.

Need help with upgrading?

IDM Integration has a full complement of well-qualified SAML engineers who are experts with SimpleSAMLphp and other major SAML packages, so contact us today!