Providing eCommerce Solutions Since 2002:

BCS Engineering was founded in Athens, Ohio in 2002 by Brandon and Carrie Saunders. Since then we have blossomed into a team of over 10 people that services clients from all over the globe. The staff at BCSE has a diverse skill set to make your technology visions a reality.They have experience in several eCommerce solutions such as X-Cart, BigCommerce, and Magento. We provide extensive hosting and customization options. Whatever you choose to do with your website, we can make it happen.
X-Cart is a PHP based shopping cart software designed for high performing websites. BCSE was founded with a primary focus on X-Cart design and custom modifications and we have received highly positive reviews regarding the quality of our X-Cart services.
BCSE is thrilled to partner with BigCommerce to offer you one-stop shopping for a great hosted shopping cart platform! Spend your time growing your business, not maintaining your store! BCSE has expanded their expertise to offer a range of BigCommerce Services.
Magento boasts the most flexible enterprise-class eCommerce solution. The experienced team at BCSE has been providing Magento customizations since 2011 and is happy to provide your business with any Magento services you may need.


BCS Engineering lives up to its name. The Team works like well-oiled machinery with clockwork precision. What is best about them is that they are not the faceless entities that software companies have become on the internet, from whom one has become used to curt, staccato and impatient responses or none at all. The entire staff at BCSE are warm, friendly and humane people who do not say "No, sorry, not possible", but work with you and come up with what is good for you. I am one vastly happy client!
Rajagopalan Raman