BCS Engineering offers 2 great mods for simplifying PCI compliance with X-cart DPM DPM for X-cart
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Which Module is Right for Me?

Both modules provide a path to simpler PCI compliance forms to be filled out. Depending on the features you want will determine which one is best for you. Some customers use both modules! This is great if you want to give the customer the option to store Credit Cards or not.

Note: We have discontinued upgrading the Authorize.Net CIM mod above version 4.6, as the ability to store credit cards is now available on the recent versions of the Authorize.Net DPM mod. This functionality is now possible on the DPM mod because of updates to the API. DPM Features CIM Features

  • Directly posts the customer’s Credit Card information to
  • Simplifies PCI compliance by eliminating the need for X-cart to pass or have access to the Credit Card during the checkout process
  • Card Data is never processed or stored by the shopping cart in any way
  • Integrates seamlessly into X-cart
  • Compatible with all checkout methods
  • Looks like standard credit card entry methods
  • Customer card data is processed at without it looking like the customer has left your site
  • Store Customer Credit cards per customer account
  • Cards are stored on secure servers and never processed by X-cart software or the server your site runs on
  • Easy subsequent ordering for logged in customers since they can select an existing card
  • Never leave your site to store cards or complete transactions
  • Uses and in-window Popup/Overlay so it appears that the customer is entering the information into your site, when they are actually entering it directly into
  • AJAX refresh updates the cards stored without a page refresh to minimize page loads
  • All Credit Cards are stored directly at and IDs are used to reference them within

Common Features

Both DPM and CIM modules for X-cart include the following features:

  • Sensitive Card information is never stored or transmitted on your server or in X-cart’s software
  • Simple to install and configure!
  • Customers stay on your site for checkout!

With both DPM and CIM modules, Customers should request to be a ‘Redirect’ merchant type when conversing with PCI compliance auditors and scanners. DPM DPM for X-cart
Buy DPM for X-cart! CIM

Buy CIM for X-cart!

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