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BCS Engineering :: X-Cart Checkout Tools :: Authorize.Net CIM Module (PA/DSS Compliant)

Authorize.Net CIM Module (PA/DSS Compliant) #356

This module has been replaced by the Accept.js module! CIM Version 2 out for 4.6.x only!

**New and improved customer interface for Version 2!**

Now you can safely store your customer's credit card numbers on! All CC information is taken directly in an iFrame form that provides. All CC information is typed in and handled directly by, but it looks like it's on your site. The module is able to select the credit card and submit the transaction through Authorize.Net. The current configurations allow for "Authorize Only" or "Authorize and Capture" transactions.

In addition, this module helps you with PCI compliance by direct posting to through their hosted iframe form and takes X-cart out of the scope of PCI compliance. This makes it easier to be PA/DSS compliant. From a customer's view point, it looks like they never leave your site even though the iframe is hosted and served by! This solution should be considered by all banks to be PCI compliant.

Allows the store owner to complete PCI compliance with a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) A, instead of the more complex SAQ D*.

Compatible with X-cart's built in checkout and AlteredCart's One Page Checkout.

Consider combining this module with our Preorder/Backorder Module and customizing to allow for "Pay Later" systems.

Contact us if you need this for previous versions of X-cart for a custom integration quote. DPM vs CIM - See the Comparison Article!

* A full assessment of a vendors specific business process is required to determine which SAQ needs to be completed to achieve PCI compliance.
Note: We have discontinued this mod above version 4.6. Due to updates by Authorize.Net, we are able to offer card storing functionality as part of our Authorize.Net DPM module for version 4.7 of X-Cart.


Manufacturer: BCS Engineering
X-cart Versions 4.4x, 4.5x, 4.6.x
Price: $500.00
Customer Points: 500

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