X-Cart Integration

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Selling on with your X-Cart Store

Are you interested in selling your products on Can & X-Cart Integrate? You bet! is all over the news due to their recent acquisition by Walmart.  What will it mean for both companies as well as their main competitor, Amazon?  From our perspective, competition is a great thing and we’re happy to help our customers integrate their X-Cart sites with to increase their visibility and customer base.  In fact, we’ve just completed a great integration for one of our customers utilizing their X-Cart site to sell on! Why wait when you can expand your exposure and customer base now?

Possible Features

  • API Integration with  X-cart and
  • Ability to upload products from X-cart to marketplace
  • Orders from Jet download into X-cart
  • Custom titles for listings
  • Ability to set specific price for listing and price changes will auto-update across systems
  • Select where products & categories are listed
  • Both short & detailed X-cart product descriptions upload and update on when changes are made to Xcart
  • Orders  quickly download and sync inventories across selling channel

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