Growing Your Business-Tips from Tony Robbins

Three Simple Tips to Growing Your Business

This recent Entrepreneur article really hit home with us and we felt the need to summarize this for our followers.

1. Decide What you Will Focus On

Focus on what works and master it!  Placing focus on the negatives of your business will cause those issues to magnify into larger issues down the road.  Start by finding one thing that works and make it better and move on to the next positive item in your business and so on.

2. Stop Lying to Yourself

Become brutally honest with yourself.  Take 30 minutes per day to relax and reflect on the current state of your life in the following business categories: staff, systems, business relationships, finances and growth.  Ask yourself these 3 questions for each category: “How are we doing in this category?,” “What does this mean?” and “Where would I like to be?”  Your answers may surprise you.

3. Choose an Ultra-Specific Action to Complete

You’ve identified what you will focus on and become honest with yourself about it. Now you’re ready to take action. By taking more action, you will gain experience. Robbins says that action leads to more business success.

If you’d like more info, read the full article or contact us if we can be of any assistance.