Finding the Best Platform for Your Business

Choosing the right platform for your business needs is crucial to optimize operations, expand your reach, and achieve success. However, it can be a very overwhelming process. Where do we start? In this blog let’s explore how to choose the most suitable platform for your business.

Finding the Best Platform for Your Business

Regardless of the type of platform you’re shopping for, there are a few key steps to follow to find a platform that fulfills your business needs:

Define your Goals

Before you start shopping for a new platform, sit down and write out what you want to achieve with this platform. What are your goals? What features will help you achieve those goals? If you are replacing an existing platform, what aspects of that platform do you like and dislike? Whether it’s selling products or services, building brand awareness, generating leads, or providing customers support, setting your goals will influence your platform choice and help you filter out inadequate ones.

Research Available Platforms

With your goals in mind, it is time to look at your platform choices. Research platforms online to get a glance at the top platforms available. You can also review industry publications and forums to see what fellow entrepreneurs and professionals are saying about these platforms. One important thing to keep in mind is to not research too many platforms at once. Collect a handful of platforms that, on the surface, seem promising. Research them in batches to make it easier to approach.

Evaluate Features & Functionality

When dividing into individual platforms, take a close look at their features and functionality and compare it to your business needs. Do their features suit your needs? Are there other features that you could benefit from? If there is a demo of the platform available, consider trying it out to see how it flows. Especially when you are transferring from one platform to another, exploring how it feels to use the new platform can help determine if it is a good fit for your business.

Consider Pricing

When looking at new platforms, consider the price. If you are migrating from another platform, how does the new platform’s price compare? Are you getting more for your buck? Is it cheaper? These platforms may offer different types of plans with varying prices. Some platforms may be as simple as a one-time license fee while other platforms may offer subscription based or feature based pricing. Determine a pricing plan that works best for your budget.

Think about Scalability

While you shop for platforms, consider the scalability of the platform and its ability to accommodate your business’s growth in the future. As your business grows, how do these platforms change in pricing? Do these platforms offer features and support to help you expand your business? Depending on the answers, you may find that, while some of these platforms work in the short term, they may become problematic in the long term. Choose a platform that can scale alongside your business without significant disruptions or limitations.

Want to learn more?

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