Boosting Your Work Efficiency: Practical Productivity Tips and Tricks

Feeling unproductive at work? Sometimes, building structure into your work routine with a variety of productivity techniques can help! There are many tried and true methods to help you boost your work efficiency!

Boosting Your Work Efficiency: Practical Productivity Tips and Tricks

We all face productivity challenges at times. From mitigating distractions to creating accountability, there are many techniques you can use to keep yourself productive and on track to reach your goals:

Effective Time management

Time management is essential to enhance your productivity at work. Effective time management involves the conscious and intentional allocation of time to tasks and activities in a way that maximizes productivity and achieves specific goals. Prioritizing tasks based on their importance or urgency is one way you can manage what you work on. You can also use time blocking to allocate blocks of time to different categories of tasks. When it comes to effective time management, the most important thing to keep in mind is your own personal habits and flow. You want to manage your time in a way that feels natural to you. There are many examples of how you can manage your time at work, but don’t be afraid to tweak those examples to fit your personal situation!


For business owners especially, it is important to consider delegating tasks to other members of your team. Delegation is the process of assigning tasks, responsibilities, and authority to other members of your team. When looking over all the tasks you must complete, ask yourself if these are tasks that only you can do. Is this your area of expertise? Are there other members of your team who are better suited? Entrust these tasks to others so you can focus on your more critical workday tasks.

Digital & Physical Tools

Keeping track of all of your tasks and meetings in your head is difficult and unrealistic. Whether it be a digital tool or a physical planner, take some time to document your tasks. You could use digital tools such as Todoist or Google Calendar to document and schedule your tasks. This allows you to not only have a record of your tasks to remind you of what needs done, but also can help make your tasks more approachable. Depending on how you break down your tasks, you can use your digital or physical planner to focus on the tasks that need done today rather than looking at tasks that need completed in the future.

Regular Breaks

Productivity often isn’t achieved by working nonstop. Instead, incorporate breaks into your day. Taking a short, 5 minutes break to drink some water or stretch your legs can help prevent burnout and maintain your focus. Breaks can also improve your overall concentration and creativity!

Regular Reviews & Adjustments

As you and your company change, so does your workflow. Productivity methods that used to work for you may not suit your tasks and workflow in the future. When it comes to boosting your work efficiency, don’t be afraid to tweak your methods and try new techniques over time. Many of the productivity methods you read about don’t work perfectly straight out of the box. Adjust and optimize your time management methods or your tasks organization in a way that makes sense and feels easy for you. As your tasks and obligations change, review and update your workflow to maintain an efficient process that works for you.

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