BCSE Turns 11 Today!

Today BCSE turns 11! We wouldn’t be here with out you!

To celebrate we’re offering 15% off to everyone for any BCSE module in the store! Simply use coupon 11Anniversary15 to get your discount! Good for 11 days! (until November 24th)

Newsletter subscriber? If you’re a newsletter subscriber, check your email later today for an even BIGGER coupon off!

In our we Turned 9 entry, I describe a bit about our history. Did you know that we thought of BCS Engineering while driving our then 10 month old child to his grandparents? I can still remember where we were on the road that day when we came up with our idea and name. It’s like a photo snapshot in my head of me looking at us in the car at that moment. Since that day our lives have greatly changed. We are so thankful to have you, our customers and our friends, as part of our lives!