Have been using BCSE since Jan of 2010. Started out with a few small modifications to both our x-cart sites. Since then BSCE have now taken over hosting, upgrades, support and SEO/Marketing.
We have tried many local hosting,SEO and development companies and have been let down badly receiving little or no support and being charge outrages prices.
The service, support and knowledge that BSCE provide is nothing short of outstanding.

Nick Brinkkotter
Telephonesonline.com.au headsetsonline.com.au

They offer professional, reliable support and service. Highly recommended!
Gregory Clark

Great Products – Great Customer Support!
Michael Austin

I really can’t say enough about BCSE’s customer support. Ask a question; boom, get an answer! We had been unhappy with out former web host for quite a while but we were concerned about transitioning. We should have done this years ago! We have only been using X-cart for a year, so we are still tweaking things and BCSE always answers our questions in a clear, concise way that someone with no programming skills (like me) can make the adjustments myself.
Sam Lunay

The after sales service of BCSE is more than excellent! Had a small problem installing the module because of the third party skin we use. All problems were solved in no time and the module is working great!

Thanks a lot for all of the help!

Jur Snijders

I cannot say enough about how great it is to work with these folks! We recently had an outage caused by one of our employees and they worked through New Years to get it fixed. This is top notch customer service! We have used BCS for nearly all of our projects during the last several years. Now I’m certain to use them for everything going forward! Highly recommended!
Justin Anderson

Absolutely best in class. BCSE has been taking care of my hosting and X-Cart needs for about five years, and the service they provide has been awesome. They have kept my site up and running consistently, and delivered great solutions every time I asked. They care about their business, and they care about their customers. I highly recommend BCSE.
Neil Street

I give BCSE a rating of 6 out of 5. We use BCSE mods since 2007. The turnaround from requesting a quotation to the implementation of custom work is impeccable. Thank you BCSE for still supporting and developing xcart classic mods and custom work (4.x branch)
Rene Peterson

BCSE has helped me for a couple of years now and they always been able to meet my needs. They are efficient and professional. I depend on them for my hosting, upgrades and occasional design changes.

We are a small, family business running a fairly large website and we depend on BCSE. They run a similar business and we appreciate their work ethics. Their customer support has been extremely helpful.

Jennifer Williamson

I found the team @ BCS to be the best possible fit when transitioning to or within the X-Cart platform. With more than 10 years experience, they work well together in helping their clients achieve their often changing goals and little details. As a satisfied client, I can highly recommend BCS Engineering.
John Huffman

Great service and exceptional work ethics. Easy to work with. Highly dependable and trustworthy. Knowing they will have and will be there when we need them makes a true gem in an industry where dependability is not always a common trait.
Jeffrey McCombs

Gary was a pleasure to work with. He was very responsive from the first contact to the end. He resolved our problem quickly and couldn’t have asked for better service.

Eric Swanson

I really can’t say enough great things about BCS! I am a complete novice when it comes to all things internet and the folks at BCS have no problem holding my hand and carefully explaining everything from how to manage my X-Cart to handling my security certificates.

I had BCS Engineering complete an X-Cart modification for us. They provided me a fair price quote range and completed the work quickly and correctly without any issues. Once the job was completed, the final price remained at the lowest end of the initial price quote. They could have easily charged me the higher rate and I wouldn’t have known the difference. They are competent and very ethical. I’m extremely happy with their services.

Kevin O

I discovered BCS Engineering through an industry colleague that recommended BCS services highly for a number of websites he is using.

To date, we have been satisfied with the services provided and have no hesitation in recommending BCS Engineering to other businesses that use X-Cart.

Their products are great but their aftersales support is even better. In my opinion the measure of a great company is not just the products it sells but how it supports its customers. The after sales service is second to none! Email them and same or next day you have a reply. Thanks BCS Engineering


I came across a freebie x-cart module here and it didn’t work for my version 🙁 so I casually mentioned it to BCSE and within 24 hours they had gotten back to me letting me know that they would be happy to make it work for my version AT NO COST!!! After they updated it for my version i installed it and it needed a tweak and they got on it right away!! For everyone else out there wondering why some snotty companies don’t succeed it’s because they don’t have service like this!! I am glad to donate and keep my business with a company that cares about the finer details. 4 Stars Carrie!!


The team at BCS does great work and turn around time is amazing. Thanks Carrie, Henry, and the rest of the team!

Ingmar Korstanje
Marlo Beauty

Very efficient and professional service.

Purchased the Authorize.net DPM and the Free Anonymous customer registration module. Both were installed by me and despite the ease of installation i still had questions. This is where BCS excelled. In a matter of minutes my email inquiries were answered. In addition i was able to get support for a non-related issue. If you are looking for great modules and support, consider BCS Engineering!! Thank you Gary and Carrie.

Very professional and friendly service. We did have a few things go wrong, but the support was great. I had to come back several times and each time they were helpful. They advised above and beyond the limits of their module. A big thumbs up all around.


The Back in Stock module is a must have for any X-cart store. It provides the retailer with the ability to follow up on record and follow up on potentially lost sales and what’s more it has the ability to fully automate the process

We have been running it on our site for years and could not imagine launching a site without it.

We had some issues with our primary website which forced us to switch domain name. It was a pretty crazy day and we needed the license for our BCSE points module to be changed to the new domain ASAP. BCSE was right there on the spot to take care of it for us. In all of the madness it was nice to know that we could count on them.

We have bought several X-Cart modifications from BCS Engineering over the last few years and we have been delighted with the service that we have received. Whenever we have had an issue our requests for help have been met with a prompt and efficient response, I would like to express my appreciation and also heartily recommend them to anybody running an ecommerce platform.

Martin Bailey
Terrys Fabrics

I’ve purchased several mods from BCSE this past year and have been impressed – not only with the mods themselves, but with the people behind the mods too 🙂 Thanks for being there when needed and for such great mods!

Jen Yurko

We’ve used BCSE a few times now and have been very impressed with their speed and reliability. Our latest mod for Point of Sale was installed as promised and makes taking phone orders so easy. If you are looking for help with x-cart I’d say look no further than BCSE

Dave Ingram

BCSE support was responsive and effectively solved my support issue! Gary handled it professionally and quickly. Another WIN for BCSE!

Amy Martin

BCSE has done several custom modifications and installed everything from small custom mods to full X-carts for me over the past few years. They’ve always done a stellar job, with timely completions, very good communication and follow-up customer service. Today I successfully installed one of their free mods that just happened to be what my customer was demanding today, reminding me to write this testimonial that’s been on my to-do list for a long time.

I highly recommend them for their extensive experience with X-Cart and their wonderful, personal and professional service!

Christopher Meyers
Zephyr Print and Web

Since moving over to Carrie and the team our website has gone from strength to strength and we are looking forward to many more years working with these guys.

Mark Sherren
Surrey Pet Supplies

I purchased a module that worked fine on most sites and even on one of my own sites. However, it wasn’t working on another site and I worked with support for a couple weeks to try to pin down the problem. They were very helpful but finally determined that it might be related to something in my site and would require me to purchase a couple of hours to fix it. I agreed and they did their research and determined that if they made a small change to the module it would fix the issue. They then issued me a refund for the amount I paid for the service because they were able to fix it in their code. I felt that they were very helpful all the way through the process and very honest after I had paid them to do the fix. It is difficult to handle troubleshooting a module when everyone’s system is so different and I have great confidence in purchasing modules and working with BCS in the future.

Tate Goodman
TAG Team Computing

Once again, BCSE has come through with exceptional service and amazing mods. I have had the pleasure of working with the expert staff at BCSE for over 4 years on various projects, and they are very detail oriented professionals with great communication skills. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking a “valued partner” for their Internet business and/or technology needs.

Tim Langill
Wicked Good Consultants LLC

I purchased the Easy Variant View from BCS Engineering. The product is a good product which improves the display of my products drastically. My novice web design skills required a little assistance. The customer support I received was exceptional. Thanks BCS!


i have great experience with BCS. i have already using number of addons from BCS for my shopping site. they are absolutely working fine. and they are very prompt at providing help. i will definitely recommend BCS Engineering


Great Work and customer service. Very helpful! From installs to custom work all was excellent! Will continue to use BCS Engineering in the future! Thank you Carrie, Gary, Nick, Lori & all!!!

BIll Antonatos

Wanted to say thanks and show my appreciation for BCS Engineering. I am a web developer, focused primarily on developing X-cart e-commerce shopping carts. I’ve been doing it for about 6 years, and there is very little that I out-source in the programming department.

When I do get stuck though, I turn to the pros at BCSE. My client needed a new payment gateway integrated with their site, specifically Authorize.net’s CIM (Customer Information Manager) to allow them to pre-authorize transactions and process them later, all in a secure pci-compliant way. I knew that BCSE had developed the DPM module for Authorize.net, and if anyone could do it, Carrie and her team could!

We had the pleasure of working with Software Engineer Nick Poindexter. He developed the module for us in a timely and efficient manner. But we encountered problems, due to customizations that had been done to the site. (by yours truly) 🙂 Not only that, but Authorize.net, and if anyone could do it, Carrie and her team could!

Nick hung in there with us, and endeavored to overcome both the custom problems related to our site, and attempted to figure out the problems that were due to Authorize.net’s server troubles. In the end we have the perfect solution to our specific situation. The way that he handled our problems, is a testament to the professional level of the individuals who work at this company. Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

Mike White
babymonkey Studios

I am absolutely satisfied with the service that this team of developers has given me. With many modifications done to my site prior to the installation of their product they kept going until we all agreed that things were running smoothly. Very happy with the service I received.

Susan Berube
Fabric Mart

I want to express my gratitude and thanks to the people at BCS Engineering.

My site was recently “hacked” and within 2 hours the people at BCSE “grabbed” a hold of my site and made some changes to get it stopped.

Their due diligence and expertise allowed me to finally get some rest knowing it was fixed and some “security measures” were put in place to hopefully not allow this to happen again.

I would HIGHLY recommend BCSE to anyone considering an “Ecommerce web site”.

Joe Kosoglow

Whenever I’ve had questions or needed help with an issue, the BCS Engineering support team has always been quick to respond and help me out. They provide a fast and efficient support service and their X-Cart reward points module is excellent too.


Thanks for this quick fix, we really appreciate your effort in making our store run seamlessly.

Installation and went very well and your programmers are huge professional and deserve a 5 star for their work.

Thanks again


Dominic Longpre

Absolutely outstanding customer service. Very helpful! Will continue to use BCS Engineering in the future! Thank you!!!


Excellent Bonus Points Mod…great support from Gary and Henry as they fixed an issue we had and kept us informed of their progress throughout the event. Thanks.

Janet Pytowski

The mobile skin mod for x-cart 4.4.x is an excellent, low cost but effective product for my store.

For just over a couple of hundred bucks I’m able to now offer customers the ability to order from my online store while they are out enjoying their motorsport and when they know they need it.

Installing was relatively easy, and although I had a couple of problems, BCS did help me over the course of the week to get it working.

There are still a couple of display issues but I’m sure I’ll get them sorted out. It sure beats mobile browsing the standard skin!

Thanks BCS, I’ll be back for more mods soon!

-Paul Jones, Director Cut Price Racing Go Kart Parts – www.cutpriceracing.com.au

Paul Jones
Cut Price Racing

I just bought and tried the product bundle for x-cart

The product does as advertised and is easy to us

I’d like to suggest some improvements for next version or for a pro module:

New ‘create bundle from the product’ button in add product page.

Quick bundle products Selection form (add 1 productid per line or similar…)

Ability to show product bundle detailed images (and or hide bundle).

Ability to show product extra fields.

Ability to disable product bundle links.

Move final price and buy button after bundle selection for better usability.

Besides this I am very happy with the mod. Kudos!


Many thanks to Carrie et al at BCS. They have performed several jobs for me, from selling and installing small custom mods, adding custom features to some of my sites, to a full upgrade of one of my sites from X-Cart 3.x.x to 4.x.x.

Their work is very good, including communication before, during and well after each job is done.

I highly recommend them.

Christopher Meyers
Zephyr Print

Fantastic service! Gary responded quickly, and went out of his way to ensure that our module was working properly.

Jeff Linton

We are extremely happy with all the work BCS Engineering has done on our project! The programming team was very patient with us and were able to exceed our expectations for the job.

We initially thought we would not be able to setup our cart exactly how we wanted it but now that we have found BCS we’re confidant that we’ll be able to meet all of our goals for this project, and under budget to boot!

I could not recommend BCS Engineering more for all your X-Cart programming and customisation needs!

Lars Jansen
Jansen Internet Limited

I have been buying my mods from BCSE for over 5 years now and have never had a problem with the service I have received.

The people at BCSE are professional and always helpful. Whenever I have needed help with something, I have often been surprised at how fast they have responded to me.

I recommend using BCSE to everyone I know that runs an X-Cart store, and wish them all the success they deserve

You guys have been assisting me on and off with my X-Cart for years now. I have always found your mods to be of the highest standard, and strongly prefer them to those from any other company. Additionally, your prompt, professional and friendly support is second to none. Thanks for your continuing support, and keep up the great work!

I really appreciate the prompt response BCS gives me. You have answered all of the questions I have asked you, and I feel very comfortable asking for help. It’s really nice to know you are there for me.

Larene Spitler
Pictor Design

The service provided by BCS was exceptional, nothing was a problem.

We will happily use again, no doubt in the not too distant future.

James Carroll
TAC Design

I have used BCSE for over 9 years. Their products and services are impeccable. I highly recommend them.


I had been dealing with a certain problem for a couple of months and after I noticed that BCSE recently developed a module that could help, I contacted them and had a few questions. Carrie quickly replied and answered all of my concerns. On the next business day, they easily installed the module and made sure everything worked correctly. Thanks a lot for the great service.

Brad L.
Station Bay

BCSE’s support systems is superb. They’re quick to install the mods and answer an unanswered questions. BCSE’s mods have been tested to perfection and always work whenever we order them.

Anela Biscevic
Priority Windows

BCS Engineering lives up to its name. The Team works like well-oiled machinery with clockwork precision. What is best about them is that they are not the faceless entities that software companies have become on the internet, from whom one has become used to curt, staccato and impatient responses or none at all. The entire staff at BCSE are warm, friendly and humane people who do not say “No, sorry, not possible”, but work with you and come up with what is good for you. I am one vastly happy client!

Rajagopalan Raman

We’ve been working with BCSE for a couple of years now. They’ve been a great resource for our business! They’ve got a great team that has been able to tackle everything we’ve thrown at them. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them for years to come!

Thanks for everything BCSE!

David Leventhal
Dali Decals

Nice to work with a company who responds to customer needs quickly. i wish everyone we did business with was that way.

Jeff Mantz

Your modules are very impressive! I have a client that needed to have different shipping charges for different products and your shipping per product module came through!

Was great experience in buying software and having it installed in timely manner, with good follow up and customer support with my questions. The x-cart module for Authorise AIM checkout to help with the self assessment questionnaire is transparent to me, and has not changed the checkout process for the customer. I’m very pleased. Thanks!

Thank you once again for your help with integrating our custom store features with your out-of-the-box modules. Your mods are excellent, and your team always goes above and beyond to make sure every detail is working perfectly. Fantastic service!

Lisa P.

When trying to decide on which compliancy method and version of X-Cart would be the best for our company the wonderful team at BCS Engineering did an amazing job at explaining all our options which allowed us to develop a plan that will certainly benefit our company and customers in the long term. If it hadn’t been for their patience, understanding and their ability to explain things so that any “average” Joe or Jane could understand it, we would still be lost among the PCI compliant and X-Cart version chatter floating around. I highly recommend BCS Engineering modules and services. They really do, go beyond one’s expectations. I’m so grateful that a wonderful company like BCS Engineering exists. Thank you!


While researching modules to modify x-cart in a manner that would allow my client to back-order products, I came across BCS Engineering. I had questions about the installation procedure, prior to purchasing, and Gary went out of his way to provide me with everything I needed to make an informed decision. Your products are fantastic, and I’ll recommend them to everyone who works with x-cart. Thanks!

I have now purchased a couple of BCS products and have had nothing but superb service from them. Their products are easy to install, work well and the support provided is excellent.

Thanks for the great, polite and speedy service!

Ben Mitchell
Sophad Designs Ltd

Great service on all products. Fast email responses, very knowledgeable, and flawless modifications. If only X-carts ticket system, help, and responses were as fast as BCS Engineering’s.

Corey Y.

BCS has been a reliable partner with Heeltoe for many years. Their service is prompt and friendly, they have a real can-do attitude with regard to customization, and they provide sound and practical advice. We’ll be working with BCS for long into the future!

BCS provides a good service in a timely manner. I’ve been treated importantly. I’ll come again. Thank you!

Jon W.

I was rather anxious about transferring hosting companies. Carrie & Brandon, thank you for making the transfer pain free. Thank you for making it a priority (&thereby insuring my site didn’t shut down!!) & then I changed internet & e-mail providers!! Brandon, thank you for spending all that time on the weekend making sure I was set up. Everything is up, the site is working better than ever. Thanks for the good job!!


I can’t say enough about BCS! I have purchased many modules, and downloaded some great free ones, as well. BCS went out of their way to fix MY problem (not theirs!) at no expense to me. And this is not the first time! They go the extra mile…and beyond! I am a customer for life!

BCSE went above and beyond, again, to help get the mobile mod up and running for me. They have great mods and stand behind their work. Thanks!

Andrea Perry
Candleshop Creations

BCSE support staff has stepped up to the plate time and time again to help support any issues we have encountered, from the most complex issues down to simple issues with free products. We highly recommend BCSE for X-Cart software modification and support.

Amy Martin

Nothing better than having a reply to an email, especially when it deals with business. I needed a fix on a 3rd party 4.4 template I purchased. They could have easily directed me to the 3rd party template builder, but they stood with me in getting it fixed. They communicated very well and sent me an updated version of the template. Great communication and service!


BCSE is by far the most reliant and responsive company in its field. I rely on them quite often for a lot of my e-commerce needs and they always perform wonders and do so in a timely and efficient manner. Trusted and true professionals, I highly recommend this company.

Shane Staley
Horror Mall

I’ve purchased several mods from BCS and they do a great job in getting the work done in a timely manner and the customer service is outstanding.

David Kelly
Hawaiian South Shore

BCSE is a great company to do business with. They provide many innovative add-ons for the e-commerce site, as well as amazing support. The customer support staff goes “above & beyond” to make sure everything is installed correctly & is running smoothly. They’ve responded quickly & courteously to any support tickets we have ever submitted. I highly recommend BCSE – they are a pleasure to do business with.


Just want to thank Carrie, Jeff and the team at BCS Engineering for doing a custom mod that I thought was going to be very costly and drawn out. Jeff did a great job in an hour! This isn’t the first time I’ve used them. Every time I’ve needed a “little extra” they were right there with a solution. Thanks again

Jay Cunningham
BetterWater Store

Thank you so much BCS – you’ve been really helpful and patient installing our mods for us – we’ll definitely be back for more!

Vicki Parker
Scrap That Idea

BCS Engineering provided quick and friendly technical support for one of their applications that didn’t work exactly as expected. They made the fix directly to our site and are highly recommended.

Michael Thompson

BCS always have the best software and mods to extend your X-Cart installation. Best products and best service.

Fantastic Support! Their custom solution was exactly what my business needed to get back up and running. Thank you BCS!

Harold Johnson
Griffin’s Toy Chest

Thank you for the good work. I will certainly recommend your products and customization services to others here in the UK. The POS module is now working in a way that best suits our needs and I am sure that we will be requesting further modules and enhancements from you in the coming months.

Simon Pearce
Gentworks Ltd.

BCS Engineering has been a terrific asset to our business. We do X-Cart installations and skin modifications, and the services and products provided by BCS are an integral part of what we provide customers.

BCS’ service and support make them a joy to work with!

Marie Gale
Words in A Row

BCS Engineering came through for my business in a pinch. I was faced with a fast-approaching deadline and trusted BCS to come through for me. While I had never used them before, I felt that their product was perfect for the need. BCS delivered and installed the product early, allowing me to call my client and give them the good news. I really appreciate their great service.

David L. Garrison
WEB Speak Media

Komodo Gear would like to submit a testimony because BCS earned it. Being a web based business requires quality software and strong service/support. After a lot of research, we purchased several modules from BCS to add more purchasing flexibility for our customers. The products work as advertised.

However, as with any software you purchase, it is only as good as the service behind it. We experienced a problem that was actually our fault, but engaged BCS to find a resolution. They did just that and resolved the problem within MINUTES of the email.

If your business is world wide web based like ours, then you must invest in companies that stand behind their work.

We can’t praise BCS enough for doing just that; when we needed BCS they were there and did it right.

Look no further for e-commerce based solutions, BCS is hands down a leader in their market.

Wayne Wilder
Vice President
Komodo Gear

I must admit, I thought the last task I gave BCS Engineering would be an impossible one. Once again they have proved me wrong….Nothing is impossible for these guys! The latest MOD that I wanted BCS to create for me is not available to buy anywhere nor does a mod like this exist for x-cart. These guys done it!!! See if you can spot the MOD! I am sure once you see it you would also want one!

I would just like to give a special thanks to Carrie and J.D. for all your hard work! You guys were great!!!


BCS Engineering have been very helpful throughout the order process of several mods, and the follow up support was prompt and professional. All staff I have dealt with have been efficient and informative. Many thanks, keep up the good work.


I purchased Customer Rewards Program to automate the process of providing incentives to returning customers. I found the software a little daunting at first, but the excellent customer service and quick replies to my questions resolved any lingering issues. I plan a news blast to further expand opportunities to save money for clients/customers, and look forward to increased business as a result. Thanks to the creators of this amazing software. It makes a customer rewards loyalty program so much easier. And, special kudos to the technical support team. They are great.

Lou Osburn
Osburn Distributors, LLC

From BCS Engineering i bought Testimonial module for X-cart. I am happy, because i got it in 2 minutes after payment. I am sure that it was not our last deal with BCS.

Aurimas Dulskis

The world should know who they are!

This is my story…

It all started last year one Saturday afternoon when I had a serious crisis with my website, at the time I did not know BCS Engineering and did what a normal person would do under the circumstances, I surfed the net in hope that somewhere out there would be a web designer that could assist. I was wrong…phone rang, e-mail after e-mail went out and no luck! The next website I came across was BCS Engineering, and guess what? Another damn web note system! I was devastated, but left an e-mail for just in case… to my surprise I got a reply shortly after. Now just for the records this was a Saturday and I am in the UK and BCS Engineering is in the US which means it is almost night time in the US. My ticket number at the time if not mistaken was [WPO-667265] and here is a direct part of the quote from the reply I received

“I will be going out of town here in a few hours. So if you can get the ssh/ftp info to me ASAP then I can get it done before we leave. Otherwise I can get it done when we get back to town later tonight.”

Thank you,

BCS Engineering

Now is this customer service or what? Who will do this on a Saturday and after hours? Ever since that time I went back to BCS Engineering for all my Mods etc. I did try other parties as well, but soon realised that there is just one expert in the industry! I must also say that I am sure Carrie regret having me as a customer as I am not one of the easiest people to do business with. I must admit I am rude at times and can never make my mind up to what I really want, but I can say with all honesty that you will never find better customer service anywhere else. Despite my bad personality, I have never been treated badly in any way by BCS Engineering. They have had a lot of patience with me and if you know me you will know what I mean!

Just a Big Thank you to the BCS Engineering Team and an extra thanks to Carrie and Lori for all your support up to now!

Would also just like to welcome Stacy to the team!!!

Kind Regards
Dan Rohland


When it comes to providing the widest range of e-commerce cart modifications, knowledge, and support – Carrie and crew are tops!

I started my X-Cart adventure over two years ago, first buying the cart itself and then several mods from BCS. I had a few problems with installations, and before long the site had enough errors, problems that I didn’t want to make it live.

Fortunately, I contacted BCS support for help. Henry did most of the “cleanup” programming for me. I was MOST happy with his skills, and now I can sit back and enjoy my site.

Thanks to Carrie and company. I am pleased with my site’s appearance and performance!

Susan Ross Moore
Fannish Enterprises

I’ve used BCS Engineering mods many times for our Xcart 4.0 store and they always work a treat!

Mark Adam
Impact Computers Ltd

Thank you for the excellent mods and great customer service! 🙂

Isaac Joerger
Starwest Botanicals

We used BCSE to install the preorder backorder module, which is important to our business but not standard x-cart functionality. They did an excellent fast job. Highly Recommended.

David Ingram

Fabulous service. Incredible response time and follow up. What more is there?

Chris Crocker GM
SupplyDIRECT Inc

I’ve received great service from BCSE since moving my X-Cart site to them for hosting and maintenance. They know their stuff!

Neil Street
Vintage World Antique Maps & Prints

Hands down and without a doubt BCS has been the “ONLY” reason we have stayed with X-Cart! Without their mods, service and support, we would have moved on long ago! Their mods don’t just enhance our sites…they ARE the reason we are so prosperous and functional!

I just wanted to say Thank You for your Awesome Customer Service. Your products have been extremely helpful in our day to day operations and have saved me tremendous amounts of time which I can dedicate to other areas of our business. Recently we performed a major upgrade to our store and your Support Team was quick to respond to any issues we had. Great Products and Great Service!


I have always had great luck with BCS and will continue to use them for our X-Cart additions.

BCSE has been a fantastic group to work with. After purchasing their Ad Banner for Xcart and Point of Sale/Phone Ordering we have received nothing but professional insight and support.

We have heavily modified our Xcart install and even when a mod is found to not function because of our own changes, the support team at BCSE has gone above and beyond our expectations to resolve/modify their great products to work with our setup.

Thank you to everyone at BCSE.


Justin Brake
Technosave Inc.

We’ve been working towards switching over to X-Cart for a few months, and are finally ready to make the new site live. We’ve purchased and installed several of BCS Engineering’s X-Cart mods. All of them have been remarkably easy to install and use. Thanks so much for making these add-ons so easy for even novice webmasters to install and make work! The mods have added functionality that we’d have to otherwise hire out to have developed. BCS Engineering has saved us a lot of time and money with their well-made add-ons and service.

Brian Schade
Twilight Teez, LLC

BCSE has provided many mods which have enhanced our site. They know X-Cart well.

BCSE has been wonderful to do business with. Every time I have needed help, they go above and beyond to help. Recently I bought a rather expensive mod at another store (only because at the time I could not find it at BCSE) and that was a serious mistake. I will continue to buy from BCSE because they are the best at taking care of their customers! Thanks!

BCS Mods, are just amazing, support is awesome, prices are out of this world! I can’t stop buying from these guys! A++

Ian Colyer
De Pesca

We have made over ten orders on BCSEngineering.com in the last year and every time we had a great service. Thanks a lot.

Marius Ciocan

We have purchased a number of mods for our store and BCS Engineering are by far the most responsive to helping with any problems and tweaking products to increase the number of features.

I purchased the Point of Sale mod, and although I experienced a couple of tiny problems adhering it to my cart system, the tech support here at BCS Engineering was beyond reproach. Their response time was immediate, and their diligence in finding the root of the problem was impressive. I am very pleased with their service, and feel confident that if any difficulty arises with their software, I know they will stand behind it.

Thanks guys…..

Excellent product, was easy to install and works great (buy together)


Love your products, love your support!

Wow. That’s all I can say… your meta-tags mods transformed my Google rankings from “supplemental” to “fully indexed” within 30 days of fully implementing the Product Meta Tags Plus! mod. I think this is the most valuable X-Cart mod in existence! Considering what it does, and the importance of unique page titles for SEO, this mod is MANDATORY for any X-Cart store. Your code and instructions are flawless. I also bought the “Reviews” bundle… and we are so pleased to see our customers interacting with the store. Word of mouth is such a powerful marketing tool, and your products help the X-Cart owner engage and involve their customers. Finally — your support is tireless — my store has many other mods, and one or two were potential conflicts, and you helped me work around them… no blaming the other guy… this is appreciated. We will continue to buy more of your mods as our store expands. Thanks for the continued work on developing new and improved titles.


Jeremy Roberts, CEO
Mommy Makeup

Jeremy Roberts
Mommy Makeup

BCS Engineering has been the number one provider of modifications and work that was tailored to our site ballroomdancingshoe.com. The Staff and the communications with them has been #1 all the time and I keep coming back over and over for their services.
They have installed a number of modifications and also perform an up-grade of X-Cart that it went smooth and with out problems. BCSE has provided me with the best service ever.

Ricky Calle
Ballroom Dancing Shoe

Excellent SEO Add-ons. Well-written, well-integrated, bug-free, and with thorough instructions for a seamless, one-pass installation. Thank you!


BCSE has installed quite a few modules of theirs on our site www.justhom.com, I can highly recommend Carrie and Henry to undertake any installation work and modifications with an incredible professional outlook.

One of the major things that struck me about BCSE which a lot of other developers don’t do is that BCSE will ask YOU questions and suggest how to overcome any problems – a lot of other developers are just fire and forget.

BCSE have also come up with some custom modules for our site as well, listening to what I wanted and then carrying them out quickly and efficiently, in fact some of the modifications that we had done are now available to buy for the general public.

Excellent service, excellent communication what more could I ask for?

Adam Davies

BCS Engineering has been a very professional and efficient X-Cart consultants and Modifications providers. We have been partnered with BCSE for over a year now and have nothing but great things to say about them and the quality mods and support they offer!

Jared Blalock

My website went live in April 2005, and my hosting company then was offline more than it was on. Even our grand opening was delayed by two days because their servers were down! Since we moved to BCS, downtime hasn’t been an issue.

On the programming side, I use XCart 4, and I’ve learned so much from Carrie about maintaining my own site. I’ve bought numerous mods and had her install them. My site just gets better and better, and my customers love it. What could be better than that?!

Pamela Madden, owner
Furfection, Inc.