Product Meta Tags

Product Meta Tags Plus Documentation for X-cart

Setting up Meta Tags Plus

    • After you have installed the mod go to the extra fields link.

    • Add the fields title, keywords and description.
    • To add the meta tags to a particular product go to product modification, and go to that particular product.
    • You will find the three fields at the bottom.
    • Enter in your desired tags in the appropriate spot and click save.


  • The meta tags should then be added

Configuring the Display of Meta Tags

  • To make the tags not appear under details on the product page, go to extra fields link.
  • When you get there uncheck show on the desired meta tag field.
  • It should look like this, if you were applying it to description:
  • That meta tag will no longer be displayed when information is entered in to its field.

Changing Name of Meta Tags

    • To use a different name rather then title, keywords and description, go to the Product Meta Tags link
    • There you will see three fields corresponding to the title, keywords and description, enter in the new
      desired name for the desired meta tag.

    • Then go to the extra field link and input the new name you have chosen.

    • You will then have a meta tag with that name.

  • All rules that applied to old meta tag will apply to this new meta tag.

Globalizing Keywords

    • If you want to have keywords be globalized to every product then first go to the Product Meta Tags
    • There you will see a field in the top left corner that is for globalizing key words.

  • Enter the desired key words in to this field and seperate them by commas.
  • The words will then be global keywords.

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