Point of Sale

Point of Sale Usage Instructions

Note: This mod is not currently integrated with X-Payments. Contact us if you are interested in this feature.

Configuring the Point of Sale Mod

Note: This needs to be done before using and only needs done once unless further changes are needed.

Picking the Payment Methods

  • Click the configuration icon in the upper right hand corner
  • Here you can select the differnt payment methods you would like to use with this module.

Using a virtual Credit Card terminal

  • Entering the URL of your virtual Credit Card terminal will allow you to use the terminal with credit card orders.


Config Options

  • The first check box allows credit card information to be pulled from previous customers.
  • If you don’t want the order to be processed if the Credit Card fails select the 2nd check box.
  • The 3rd check box doesn’t allow out of stock products to be ordered.
  • The 4th check box disables auto-product adding.
  • The next two check boxes can either display or hide the product thumbnail and sku
  • The default order status and email notifications for when order reaches a certain status can be set
  • Choose the extra fields to be included when searching for products.

New Order

Selecting a customer

  • Click the New Order icon in the top right corner.
  • Now you can either search for existing or create a new customer
  • To create a new customer you must have their information. i.e. Personal, shipping, billing, and contact info
  • Once you have searched and found an existing customer you can simply click on their name to start the product searching.

Selecting a Product

  • Simply search for the product by name, description, or SKU
  • Or Select a category and select how to sort then hit Search
  • Once, the product has been searched then enter the quantity wanted and hit the “Add” button
  • You can now either search for different products to add or submit the order

Checking Out

  • Checking out is now simple as the customer shipping, billing, and contact information is already ready.
  • Now just fill out the information given by the customer into the correct fields and hit the “Finalize Order” button.

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