PayPal DPM Documentation

This page is designed to assist with some of the more advanced settings required for operation of the PayPal DPM module. You will need the login information to access the following page: All of the particular configuration settings will be made at the following link:

From here, you will need to click “Service Settings”, then “Hosted Checkout Pages”, and finally “Set Up” to make the required changes

If you need assistance beyond the items listed in this document, please contact us for additional support.

Make sure to set “Use Silent Post” to yes

On the following box below, make certain the checkbox next to “Void transaction when my server fails to receive data sent by the silent post” is NOT checked.  If this box is checked, it will cause issues during the checkout process which will lead to your checkout failing to work or other consequences which are unfavorable.


Make sure to set “Enable Secure Token” to yes

Enable Secure Token

Set “Transaction Process Mode” to Live

Modern versions of the PayPal API have some difference between their development and production services. If you place an order with a fake credit card and you get a transaction declined, then the configuration of your PayPal account is correct.

Set “Allow reference transactions” to Yes

If you are receiving errors stating issues with references, then try going to, and setting “Allow reference transactions” to yes. You may need to contact PayPal to assist with this setting.
Allow Reference Transactions