Carrie Saunders

Carrie Saunders

Partner/Senior Engineer

The visionary behind BCSE, Carrie Saunders has a reputation as an expert in the field of ecommerce while understanding the needs of business and the demands of today’s competitive technology environment.

In 2002, Carrie co-founded BCS Engineering, which provides custom programming for e-commerce and IT needs. She quickly established BCSE as a highly dependable resource for X-Cart design, implementation and custom work. Many of the mods for sale on our site today are a product of her insight into the industry and her ability to anticipate the wants and needs of X-Cart users.
Prior to establishing BCSE, Carrie was a graduate student in the Russ College of Engineering at Ohio University and worked part-time maintaining the College of Engineering website. She started free-lancing with several local companies with the primary goal of setting up a reliable web presence for their businesses with a shopping cart feature. She discovered X-Cart was an affordable option that also offered the possibility of customizing the cart for the client. As BCSE’s reputation as a leader in X-Cart functionality grew, she decided to hire another engineer and continued to operate the business from the basement of her family home.

BCSE’s continued success and growth required the hiring of more employees and the decision to move the business into our current office in the Spring of 2008. She and her partner also decided to expand our product offerings to include BigCommerce and Magento as alternative shopping cart options. As a result, Carrie’s original intent to help a few local companies has now matured into an organization that services clients across the globe in nearly every business segment imaginable.

Carrie is also well versed in website optimization and has helped many of our clients increase their web presence and rankings on a variety of search engines. She also identified a need for customers desiring a non-ecommerce web presence that was easy to maintain. As a result, we now provide enterprise grade web content management with Expression Engine. Following her vision, we work closely with the customer to find a solution that works within budget while maintaining a professional appearance.

Carrie earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology. She was selected for the prestigious Robe Leadership Institute at Ohio University. The institute’s express purpose is to study leadership within the fields of engineering and business.

Carrie is also a married mother of 3 boys and enjoys spending time with her family and their many activities. She enjoys being out doors, working out, playing the piano and reading.