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X-cart Speed Booster

X-cart Speed Booster
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The most exciting module out there! Speed up your site and optimize for SEO all in the same module! Also works with CDSEO!

Speed Booster FAQ!

Our X-cart Speed Booster will boost your X-cart speed! It creates a caching utility to cache your pages for quick HTML speed websites! Complete with 'hole-punching' utilities to still keep dynamic content (like the mini-cart) into your cached website, as well as instructions on how to create your own hole-punched dynamic content!

As an added bonus, the X-cart Speed Booster module also can create SEO friendly URL's or use CDSEO's URL's!

We currently have a site running this same technology with over 540,000 products! Their home page load time with this module is between 0.5 - 0.9 seconds! Without this module, their home page load time is about 20-40+ seconds!

Tests with sites that have only 180 products have speeds that are 3 times faster with this module!

Get ahead of your competition by boosting your speed and make the search engines even happier with a much quicker site!

Major Benefits:

  • Faster Page loads means Less abandoned carts
  • Faster Page loads means Better SEO - most search engines give priority over fast sites
  • Cached system means less server bandwidth utilization (especially with gzip option)
  • Cached system means you can usually have cheaper hosting

This module has tiered pricing based upon the number of links on your site (categories, products, manufacturers, static pages). Purchase only what you need and easily upgrade to more pages later if needed. Most eCommerce sites can run on the default 500 pages or the next tier up of 5,000 pages. Select the number of Site Pages appropriate for your website! If you happen to go over your page limit, the mod will still work, it just won't cache the additional pages.

Includes a cron script you can set up to create the cache automatically nightly. Or optionally you can put hooks into X-cart to have it auto update specific product, category, etc pages as they are changed! For example, the inventory can auto update on a specific product page when that product is purchased! It does background system calls for this so it won't slow your site down!

EASY INSTALL Only edit .htaccess and an sql patch so this module won't effect future X-Cart upgrades plus a link in the admin!

Speed Booster FAQ!

Contact Us If you don't see your X-cart version listed and you want it for your version!

NOTE: Requires apache mod_rewrite. As always, a properly sized web server is needed for optimal results. These speed improvements are purely from the mod without additional tweaks to the web server or X-cart.

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