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I purchased a module that worked fine on most sites and even on one of my own sites. However, it wasn't working on another site and I worked with support for a couple weeks to try to pin down the problem. The were very helpful but finally determined that it might be related to something in my site and would require me to purchase a couple of hours to fix it. I agreed and the did their research and determined that if they made a small change to their module it would fix the issue. They then issued me a refund for the amount I paid for the service because they were able to fix it in their code. I felt that they were very helpful all the way through the process and very honest after i had paid them to do the fix. It is difficult to handle troubleshooting a module when everyone's system is so different and I have great confidence in purchasing modules and working with BCS in the future.
Tate Goodman
(TAG Team Computing)

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BCS Engineering :: X-Cart Admin Tools :: Admin Product Management Tools :: Product Importer Updater Pro for X-cart

Product Importer Updater Pro for X-cart #278

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Need to synchronize the products in your X-cart store with a warehouse or drop shipper? Tired of manually converting your data file into X-cartís format so that you can update products? Need to update prices and quantities in your store on a regular basis without human interaction? Product importer pro will allow you to automate the mapping of your product data from your format into your X-cart shopping cart.

By automating the conversion process, you can eliminate the tedious manual process of converting your product data into a format that the X-cart import/export system can process. This new import process can be configured to automatically retrieve your data via FTP or the web then, through a series of customizable mappings and transformations, convert and import or update your products with the new data. Once set up, this system will take the manual labor out of your hands by automatically keeping your products up-to-date.

Product Importer Pro support the following standard data formats including custom formats:
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • XML
  • Tab Delimited File
  • String Delimited File
  • Regular Expression Delimited File
  • Column Delimited File
  • Other (custom delimited file)

Supports most 3rd party modules!

The Product Importer Pro is so highly customizable that it supports most 3rd party modules. For example, if you have extra columns in your products table because of modules, you can easily map these new columns and import the data you need without modifying any php code!

Number of Importers To determine the number of importers to buy, a general rule can be followed. The number of importers equates to the number of saved mappings you want to have. If you have 2 suppliers with different file formats, then you will want the 2 importer option. This will allow you to import new data and save the configuration for each of these suppliers.

Note: If you have more than one vendor with the same product, please contact us before purchasing. Also note that the importer does not create categories and relies on them already being created. If you'd like it to create categories please contact us for a quote and provide your feed data you want to import.

Server Requirements
The host must install the following PEAR Libraries with all of the dependencies

pear install XML_Util
pear install XML_Parser
pear install -f XML_Serializer
You may test ahead of time to see if your server needs these libraries installed by downloading this zip.
Contact Us if you have any troubles with the test file or have any questions on if you're server is compatible. Email us a link to your test_site.php script on your server.

Note: To allow this module to work with virtually any data format it is highly customizable. Configuring of this module does require some technical knowledge of X-cart. We recommend you purchase set up services through us. This provides you upto 4 hours with which we set up your field mappings so that everything can be tested and ready to go for you. If more hours are needed we should be able to tell in the first 1-2 hours. 4 hours is typically the maximum for standard formats with no data manipulation. If you want any of your data manipulated, please contact us and send us a sample file so we can quote how long it will take to write custom code to manipulate your data to your needs. At this low price, we are only able to provide limited support on the field mappings for those who do not purchase configuration services from us.

Note: Since this is a highly configurable product, there is a bench fee for looking into any issues. If the issue is found to be with the module, this bench fee will be refunded. If you have any questions or concerns on this, do not hesitate to contact us prior to purchase.

WINDOWS SERVERS Please CONTACT US before purchasing if your X-cart runs on windows to see if it will work on your system!

As with all BCSE products, you are entitled to 3 months of upgrades! Be sure and enter your shop domain to be eligible!


Manufacturer: BCS Engineering
X-cart Versions 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x
Price: $195.95
Customer Points: 195

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