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CDSEO Pro Search Engine Optimization

CDSEO Pro Search Engine Optimization
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This product is not free and is replaced by BCSEO - Search Engine Optimization

NEW! Customize the pagination of categories, manufacturers and/or xcms categories (page 2, page 3, page 4, etc.) for increased indexing and prevention of duplicate content warnings.

CDSEO also includes a full featured XML SiteMap Generator which generates an XML SiteMap in just seconds!

CDSEO Pro for X-Cart is the definitive x-cart seo tool. Created from over seven years of hands-on x-cart seo experience in addition to feedback from the top x-cart search engine marketing firms, CDSEO Pro creates a search engine friendly structure while providing the ability to seo optimize your category, product, manufacturer, and static pages.

CDSEO Pro is the greatest thing to happen to X-Cart seo - EVER.  All other x-cart seo solutions have been flakey in comparison.  CDSEO Pro is an absolute blessing and an answer to the prayers of anyone who has ever attempted to optimize x-cart for the search engines.

Dmitri Rassadkine
ASF Design Inc. - X-Cart SEO Firm

With CDSEO Pro you have custom control over:

  • X-Cart Urls
  • X-Cart Page Titles
  • X-Cart Link Anchors
  • X-Cart Meta Keywords
  • X-Cart Meta Descriptions
  • X-Cart Index Page Title

... all using an integrated administration control panel!

CDSEO Pro is the only x-cart url mod that functions as a complete seo solution!

Additional features include:

  • Folder and/or .html or .htm extensions for URLs
  • Automatic redirect from default x-cart url's to prevent duplicate content
  • Automatic rewrite of / index
  • Internal cache for increased speed and use on larger x-cart stores
  • Support for third-party modules by allowing custom query strings in the urls
  • Canonical tag support for duplicate content control of categories, manufacturers, products and static pages
  • Easy third-party module integration using a URL API
  • SEO module support to further expand CDSEO Pro
  • Large store setting allowing CDSEO to function quickly on stores with upwards of 100,000 items
  • When categories, manufacturers, products and/or static pages are disabled, CDSEO allows you to 301 redirect the disabled item to a specific url to transfer the SEO ranking instead of dropping from search engines
  • Optionally 301 redirect any disabled items for which a custom disabled url is not specified to transfer the SEO rank to your home page
  • Optional setting to force the use of case-sensitive urls
  • Cronable product population to ensure SEO data stays populated as you (or your clients) add new items
  • Optionally allows replacement with full http domain, i.e. href="" instead of href="/url/"
  • Automatic 301 redirects from default php urls, html catalog urls, and/or x-cart clean urls.

Administration is easy as CDSEO Pro:

  • Auto-populates seo data using a web-based installation
  • Allows for easy customization of categories, products, manufacturers, and static pages
  • Provides the ability to export/import seo data
  • Is easily configurable through a settings adminstration page

XML SiteMap Generator

  • CDSEO's built in XML SiteMap Generator creates sitemaps in literally seconds
  • Optional ability to automatically tell google, msn, bing and/or to recheck your sitemap after generation
  • Cronjob supported - setup once and it will keep itself updated!
  • Optional automatic .gz compression support
  • Ability to add non-x-cart urls if desired
  • Priority/frequency customization for categories/products/manufacturers/static pages
  • Optional ability to customize priority/frequencies for individual urls


  • Mod_rewrite (Apache), Isapi Rewrite 3+ (Windows) or Zeus Rewrite (Zeus)
    Nearly all apache hosts provide mod rewrite, while isapi rewrite for windows can be
  • CURL is required only if you wish to use XML SiteMap pinging
  • GZIP is required only if you wish to compress your SiteMap
  • CDSEO provides SEO functionality for primary x-cart store language only
  • XML Sitemap does not generate multiple sitemap files often required for sites with more than 50,000 products.

This product is not free and is replaced by BCSEO - Search Engine Optimization

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