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BCS Engineering :: X-Cart Bundled Software :: Mulitple Product Templates Bundle

Mulitple Product Templates Bundle #158

Our Multiple Product Templates package allows you custom control over how your products appear within your categories, as well as the product display of your individual product pages.

Multiple Product Listing Templates for X-CartMultiple Product Listing Templates for X-Cart

Why be forced to display ALL products one-per-row or ALL products in multiple rows, and have the same content displayed for each product within every category? Instead, allow your customers to view your products in a listing best suited for the category to which they belong - whether that's one product per row, multiple products per row, or with any other presentation layout/information you desire.

Multiple Product Listing Templates for X-Cart allows you to create unlimited custom product listing templates, and display your products using an appropriate layout by selecting it from a drop-down menu on the category add/modify page

Multiple Product Templates for X-Cart 4.0.xMultiple Product Page Templates for X-Cart

Physical presentation of your products is fundamental in the generation of sales; you will increase the likelihood a potential customer will purchase by offering an attractive presentation which allows the customer to easily understand the product and be drawn to it's most important features.

Traditional retail and catalog merchandising does not use a standard template for every product, and if your online products vary at all, your e-commerce business shouldn't either. This mod allows you to create unlimited custom product templates, and display your product using an appropriate layout by selecting it from a drop-down menu on the product add/modify page.

Example of use:

If you sell DVDs and clothing, using your original skin1/customer/main/product.tpl as a base, you can create a product_dvds.tpl and a product_clothing.tpl, giving you two custom templates. Your DVD template may focus on specifications such as cast and extra features, while your clothing template may focus on photos of the clothing, and options such as size and color.

After uploading the templates, you login to your "Product Templates" admin section, and quickly add the templates. Then, you can simply select the appropriate template when adding/modifying a product.


Manufacturer: WebsiteCM
X-cart Versions 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x
Price: $99.99
Customer Points : 99

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