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Preorder Backorder mod for X-cart - $69.95
Point of Sale / Phone Ordering X-cart Addon V3 - $195.95
Product Meta Tags Plus! - $24.95
X-cart Customer Reward Points - $99.95
Shipping Methods per Product for X-cart - $39.95
Ad / Banner Module 2.0 for X-cart - $99.95
Customer Reward Points BUNDLE Pack - $129.90
Customer Testimonials for Xcart - $39.95
CDSEO Pro Search Engine Optimization - $139.99
Back in Stock Notification X-cart Mod - $49.95

Testimonials Testimonials
The world should know who they are!

This is my story…

It all started last year one Saturday afternoon when I had a serious crisis with my website, at the time I did not know BCS Engineering and did what a normal person would do under my circumstances, I served the net in hope that somewhere out there would be a web designer that could assist. I was wrong…phone rang, e-mail after e-mail went out and no luck! The next website I came across was BCS Engineering, and guess what? Another damn web note system! I was devastated, but left an e-mail for just in case… to my surprise I got a reply shortly after. Now just for the records this was a Saturday and I am in the UK and BCS Engineering is in the US which means it is almost night time in the US. My ticket number at the time if not mistaken was [#WPO-667265] and here is a direct part of the quote from the reply I received

“I will be going out of town here in a few hours. So if you can get the ssh/ftp info to me ASAP then I can get it done before we leave. Otherwise I can get it done when we get back to town later tonight.”

Thank you,

BCS Engineering

Now is this customer service or what? Who will do this on a Saturday and after hours? Ever since that time I went back to BCS Engineering for all my Mods etc. I did try other parties as well, but soon realised that there is just one expert in the industry! I must also say that I am sure Carrie regret having me as a customer as I am not one of the easiest people to do business with. I must admit I am rude at times and can never make my mind up to what I really want, but I can say with all honesty that you will never find better customer service anywhere else. Despite my bad personality, I have never been treated badly in any way by BCS Engineering. They have had a lot of patients with me and if you know me you will know what I mean!

Just a Big Thank you to the BCS Engineering Team and an extra thanks to Carrie and Lori for all your support up to now!

Would also just like to welcome Stacy to the team!!!

Kind Regards
Dan Rohland

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Current Sales & Specials
Printable Online Catalog Module Sale

We're having a sale on our recently revamped Printable Online Catalog module! Currently 20% off!

Welcome to BCS Engineering

Welcome to BCS Engineering

Welcome to BCS Engineering! Here you will find a wide variety of X-cart Modifications and X-cart Add on's for your ecommerce site!

We carry X-cart Marketing tools, X-cart Product Management tools, X-cart Admin tools, X-cart Customer Navigation tools and more!

We also do custom X-cart modifications from simple to complex. Contact us for a quote!

Create an account when purchasing and get discounts on future purchases! More info here!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Must Have X-cart Mods

Featured products
X-cart Speed Booster
The most exciting module out there!  Speed up your site and optimize for SEO all in the same module!  Also works with CDSEO!
See details

 Market price: $500.00
Our price: $250.00
save 50%
X-cart Customer Reward Points
 Reward your repeat customers!!                    --> Gain customer loyalty by rewarding your patrons!!  
 Fully featured, highly customizable customer points rewards system to reward your loyal customers.
See details

 Market price: $129.95
Our price: $99.95
save 23%
Mobile Admin for X-cart
Easily manage your store from a mobile device or tablet!
See details

 Market price: $299.95
Our price: $99.95
save 67%
AJAX Quick order for X-cart
AJAX Quick order for X-cart.  Easily allow your customers to add to cart using our AJAX quick order mod!
See details

 Market price: $149.95
Our price: $59.95
save 60%
Product Importer Updater Pro for X-cart
Need to synchronize the products in your X-cart store with a warehouse or drop shipper?  Tired of manually converting your data file into X-cart’s format so that you can update products?  Need to update prices and quantities in your store on a regular basis without human interaction?  Product importer pro will allow you to automate the mapping of your product data from your format into your X-cart shopping cart.
See details

 Market price: $249.95
Our price: $195.95
save 22%
Marketing Manager Professional Bundle 3.0 for X-cart
  SAVE $205!      "FANTASTIC!" ,  "INCREDIBLE!" , "UNBELIEVABLE!" , not many add on's can generate this level of enthusiasm. Welcome to one that does, this is our flagship add on bundle!.
See details

 Market price: $400.00
Our price: $195.95
save 51%
Customer Review Management for X-cart
Never be afraid again to allow customer reviews on your site!  Have full control of your Product Reviews!!  Use this mod to automatically set new reviews to a "pending" status for admin review before going live on your site!
See details

 Market price: $39.95
Our price: $29.95
save 25%
Feed Manager Pro Bundle (all Feeds)
The Feed Manager Pro Bundle. Get ALL of our current feeds for a massive discount. If your serious about your sales you know the value of this pack already!
See details

 Market price: $499.90
Our price: $189.95
save 62%
Point of Sale / Phone Ordering X-cart Addon V3
The  Point of Sale / Phone ordering X-cart Addon  gives businesses the ability to  unify  E-commerce, In-Store, and Phone orders into a single X-cart system.  Version 3 out now!
See details

 Market price: $245.95
Our price: $195.95
save 20%
MAP Price mod for X-cart (minimum advertised price)
Does your suppliers have MAP restrictions on some of your products?  Do they require you to advertise no lower than a specific minimum price?  Then this mod may be your solution!
See details

 Market price: $49.95
Our price: $39.95
save 20%
Upsell Ordering for X-cart
Easy Upsell Ordering is great for stores that have accessories for their products!  Allow customers to add accessories to their cart direct from the product page!
See details

 Market price: $49.95
Our price: $39.95
save 20%
Product Page Shipping Calculator for X-cart
Allow your customers to get shipping quotes directly on the product page!
See details

 Market price: $99.95
Our price: $49.95
save 50%
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