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AuctionInc Shipping Integration for X-cart - $49.95

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BCS Engineering :: X-Cart Shipping Tools :: AuctionInc Shipping Integration for X-cart

AuctionInc Shipping Integration for X-cart #396

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Our AuctionInc Shipping module for X-cart is an exciting module to solve most Real Time Shipping needs! AuctionInc is one of the most sophisticated and accurate engine for shipping rate calculations for online use! View their list of features and pricing!

So how does it work?

Our integration works with your X-cart available shipping methods plus the rates from AuctionInc to get your customers the best price for shipping. Simply configure the rates and shipping methods in AuctionInc, enable those shipping methods in X-cart and our module will take over the pricing for you! It will pull rates based upon AuctionInc's sophisticated shipping calculations!

Never have to worry about Shipping API updates again!

AuctionInc takes care of that for you! All you need is shipping methods defined in X-cart that match your AuctionInc Shipping methods! The module takes care of the rest!

Key benefits:

  • Don't lose money on shipping! - AuctionInc helps avoid undercharging your shipping costs
  • Don't lose orders due to overcharging shipping costs! - AuctionInc's accurate shipping calculator helps charge the correct price for shipping based upon your actual costs
  • Don't worry about shipping API updates and patches! - AuctionInc integration does the work for you! No more patching X-cart for shipping updates!

Our module integrates with their SS api. We will take requests for the XS api as well as on demand pricing requests. View more information about the different API's.


Manufacturer: BCS Engineering
X-cart Versions 4.5.x, 4.6.x
Price: $49.95
Customer Points: 49

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