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x-cart customization

In addition to the pre-built X-cart modules sold on our store, BCS Engineering provides professional web services and application development. Our X-cart Customizations vary from simple affordable web design, to an ecommerce solution shopping cart with custom php programming. We will work with your ideas, business model and goals to find a solution that is right for you.

Combined, we have over 20 years experience working with X-cart. Since 2002, our company has been making X-cart modules, customization, hosting, security, SEO, and essentially anything related to X-cart.

1) web store, ecommerce development

BCS Engineering provides ecommerce web store solutions via the X-cart Software Suite. We can integrate the X-cart shopping cart software into your existing web site, integrate it into a web design we have created, or simply use one of X-cart's default looks. We can create custom PHP and Smarty code to implement add-on's to accommodate your business needs.

Prices for Web Store Ecommerce Development are generated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a FREE quote / estimate or view our prebuilt X-cart Add-ons and Modifications in our Online Store!

Build online store with X-Cart shopping cart system.

2) custom modules, plugins, add-ons

If you haven't found an X-cart module that meets your needs, BCS Engineering can develop custom modules to your specifications. Please contact us for a FREE quote or estimate.

3) installation of x-cart modifications

Having trouble installing an X-cart module?Contact us for a quote on installing:
X-cart software suite
Any of our pre-built X-cart modules
Any X-cart modification found on the X-cart forums
Any X-cart modification found on another web site

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