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GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium - $125.00
GeoTrust True BusinessID with Extended Validation (EV) - $299.00
GlobalSign Domain SSL certificate - $161.25
GlobalSign Organization SSL certificate - $349.00
VeriSign Secure Site - $336.25
GlobalSign Extended SSL certificate - $748.75
VeriSign Secure Site with EV - $988.50
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard - $423.75
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard - $448.75
VeriSign Trust Seal - $311.25

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Thank you once again for your help with integrating our custom store features with your out-of-the-box modules. Your mods are excellent, and your team always goes above and beyond to make sure every detail is working perfectly. Fantastic service!
Lisa P.

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BCS Engineering :: SSL Certificates :: VeriSign Trust Seal

VeriSign Trust Seal #336


Improve Business Results with VeriSign Trust™ Seal

What is Trust Seal?

  • VeriSign Trust Seal assures your customers that your website, whether e-commerce or not, is safe for customers to transact with.
  • With Trust Seal, you, your customers and potential customers can feel confident that you are supported by a well known trust authority.

With Trust Seal, you'll see real results:

  • Increased website traffic, as much as 24% (Differentiate from your competitors on natural search)
  • Increased registrations by 137% (Differentiate from other businesses with a seal on site)
  • Increased conversions and revenues as much as 40%, for less than $1 per day (Increase Sales and Conversion Cost-Effectively)

Leverage the brand strength of a well-known trust authority.

  • VeriSign Trust Seal is the most highly recognized seal in the business and the number one mark on the internet
  • Trust Seal immediately establishes credibility and legitimacy for your business amongst potential customers

The Real Power of the VeriSign Trust™ Seal

The power of Trust Seal is the technology behind it …

  • Seal and Search - Gives customers confidence to click through to your site
    • Enhances search engine optimization efforts by making your listings stand out
    • Tells customers at the search results level that your site can be trusted because it's been authenticated by VeriSign
  • Website malware scanning (graphic) – Gives customers confidence to be on your site and sign in
    • Daily non-invasive scan of your external facing site for malicious code
    • Successful scans result in the VeriSign Trust Seal being posted on your site and prevent your site from being black listed by search engines
  • The Trust Seal - Customers that see the seal on your website are more likely to stay and more likely to convert.
With VeriSign Trust™ Seal you can Trust the Transaction.

Fast Facts About VeriSign Trust Seal

Sometimes, the best way to close the deal is by the numbers…

  • Most recognized trust mark on the Internet. The VeriSign seal has an 86% recognition rate among consumers (US Brand Tracker Survey, 2009).
    • On average, the VeriSign seal is displayed 250 million times a day on more than 90,000 web sites in 160 countries.
  • 11% of respondents decided not to conduct business with the site because they did not see the VeriSign logo (US Brand Tracker Survey, 2009).
    • "How much would you lose if just 1% of your customers left?"
  • 86% of online shoppers feel more confident entering personal information on sites that display security indicators, such as a trust mark. (Synovate, 2008).
  • Case studies show a 10-34% increase in online sales and transactions when a VeriSign seal is displayed. (Tests conducted using VeriSign Secured® Seal).
    • "Would you pay $25 a month to make 10% more?"

Manufacturer: VeriSign
Price: $311.25
Customer Points: 311

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