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Wow. That's all I can say... your meta-tags mods transformed my Google rankings from "supplemental" to "fully indexed" within 30 days of fully implementing the Product Meta Tags Plus! mod. I think this is the most valuable X-Cart mod in existence! Considering what it does, and the importance of unique page titles for SEO, this mod is MANDATORY for any X-Cart store. Your code and instructions are flawless. I also bought the "Reviews" bundle... and we are so pleased to see our customers interacting with the store. Word of mouth is such a powerful marketing tool, and your products help the X-Cart owner engage and involve their customers. Finally -- your support is tireless -- my store has many other mods, and one or two were potential conflicts, and you helped me work around them... no blaming the other guy... this is appreciated. We will continue to buy more of your mods as our store expands. Thanks for the continued work on developing new and improved titles.


Jeremy Roberts, CEO
Mommy Makeup
Jeremy Roberts
(Mommy Makeup)

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BCS Engineering :: Help zone

Help zone

About Us

Who is BCS Engineering

We are a family run business, located in Athens, Ohio dedicated to providing high quality web sites built with X-cart ecommerce software, high quaility X-cart hosting and high quality network solutions. We have more than 10 years experience each working in the networking and web solution fields. We have worked with the X-cart shopping cart system since 2002 providing simple to extensive customizations to the software as well as pre-built modules you can buy.

Carrie has been developing web sites since 1995. She started out with simple web sites for student organizations at Ohio University and was hired on as the Russ College of Engineering and Technology webmaster at Ohio University. She worked as webmaster for the Russ College for over 5 years creating and maintaining hundreds of web pages while completing her degree in Electrical Engineering and starting her Masters in Electrical Engineering. Since then she has completed her Masters in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University while running BCS Engineering.

Brandon has been developing and designing networks since 1996. He designs wireless networks, LAN networks while implementing Quality of Service (QoS) on these networks and Network Monitoring. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Networks and also has his Masters in Electrical Engineering.

When designing networks and web solutions, we design them to fit the customer's needs keeping in mind future expansions possibilities as well as customer's budget. We have developed network solutions for locations that contain just one computer, all the way up to networks with 30,000+ machines. Our experience in web design includes simple web sites in just HTML all they way up to web sites that provide custom web store solutions.

Meet the Staff at BCS Engineering

Carrie Saunders - Partner & Engineer

Brandon Saunders - Partner & Engineer

Lori Carpenter - Administrative Assistant / Store Manager

Henry Hanna - Software Engineer

Gary Jolley - Support Administrator

Evan Jolley - Engineering Co-op

Michael Nelson - Software Engineer

Clayton Saunders - Software Technician

Joel Schopis - Software Engineer

J.D. Tysko - Software Engineer

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