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Can I use my software purchase on more than one domain?

Software purchases can only be used on the domain that it was bought for. If you would like to use it on another domain, you will need to purchase another copy of the software. Please contact us for prices on bulk purchases.

Can I return the software I purchased?

All software sales are final. Software purchases though the store are eligible for 3 months of free upgrades. Please contact us if you have any questions on the software before purchasing. We try to represent and describe all products in detail and give screen shots or demos for clarification.

When will I receive my software?

Please allow 0-48 hours on week days and 48 hours on weekend for software if paying with PayPal or Credit Card. Most software we get out though in 0-12 hours. If paying with Money Order, you should receive your software within 24-48 hours upon receipt of payment. If paying by check, you will receive your software within 7-10 days of receipt of check unless other arrangements have been made. The delay in receiving your software is for reducing fraud. If you forget to fill in or select options on the products like X-cart version number and/or domain, this will probably delay your order.
To ensure faster service, please be sure and fill in the domain you are buying for and the x-cart version!

Can you install the software for me?

Yes! We provide install services for all software we sell. You can purchase install services at the time of purchase, or you can purchase install services later by visiting our "Install Services" link under Products. We generally can install your software within 1-3 business days of install purchase.

Can your software be modified?

Yes and no. All of the templates included in the software located under X-cart Modifications and Web Applications can be modified by you (or us) to suit your needs. Php code found under X-cart Modifications and Web Applications is encrypted in some cases and cannot be modified by you. Feel free to contact us and see if we can tailor something to your needs.

Do I have to create an account to buy from you?

We do not require that you create an account to buy from us. Although, creating an account makes future purchaces faster and easier and gives you access to other conveniences like order history, wish list, etc. Also when you create an account, you will collect points so that you can get discounts on future purchases. More Info

Why do you ask for Name, Address, Phone Number and Email when buying?

We ask for Name, Address, Phone Number for payment processing purposes. We ask for Email so we can deliver the software to you and if we need to contact you with any questions or problems with your purchase. We will never share, sell or trade this information with any 3rd party (unless where necessary for payment processing purposes).

Do you provide free upgrades?

Yes! We provide 3 months of upgrades on all BCS Engineering software. Just be sure and enter your shop domain when selecting a product to be eligible!

How much are upgrades past 3 months?

Please contact us if you want to upgrade your software past the 3 free months. Some of the software we sell, we sell for other companies, so their policies must be followed in those cases. For all BCSE products not in the "Custom Services or Software" category the price of upgrading is 25% of the price of the mod (with a minimum $10 charge for upgrades). So if the price of the mod is $100, then the upgrade fee would be $25. This helps support new features that we continually put into our mods as well as covers the time it takes for us to repackage for you and send. If you need software upgraded, please always contact us for a quote. We can reduce the upgrade fee if you have many items to upgrade at once.

What payment methods do you accept?

We have 4 payment methods currently available. You may pay via Credit Card, PayPal (Credit card and echecks), Money Order and Checks.

Do you have any late fees for custom work?

Yes. If you are 2 weeks past due, you will incur a $50 or 5% late fee, which ever is higher. The late fee is compounded monthly. If you are unable to pay your bill on time, please contact us to discuss your payment options.  
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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